10 Ways to Make your Wedding Unique and Personal

1. Displays of Affection

One moment that will stand out in your memory when you think about the morning of your wedding is when you finally get to put on your wedding dress! Such a special garment needs a something special on which to display it, and we love the ideas of personalized hangers to add that extra bit of personality to your hanging wedding dress pic. Even better, you could get some custom-made hangers for your maids as a surprise gift on the morning of the big day!

2. Love Notes & Best Wishes

A two-in-one idea! On the left is a little handwritten personal note from the groom for his wife to find the morning of the wedding. Of course some girls would flip at the thought of someone even touching their shoes let alone writing on them, but you can’t deny the romantic gesture! Finding this little piece of sentiment as you get ready with your girls the morning of the big day is bound to get your heart racing all that much more! A twist on this idea is to have your whole bridal party sign the sole of your shoe at the end of the night – it makes a cute keepsake!

3. Beautiful Bridesmaid Robes

The morning of the wedding is one of the most exciting parts of the whole day – and having your best girlfriends with you makes it all the more special. A lot of brides chose to have the morning preparations professionally photographed, and a great way for bridesmaids to feel confident and special as they’re running around fixing this and finding that is for them to be wearing something very special! Cute personalized bridesmaids’ robes are a great keepsake and make for very sweet photos, but we’re currently in love with silk floral robes for a bit of extra colour and glamour to brighten up the morning!  A great gift and a fabulous photo op, all in one!

4. Fun Socks for the Groomsmen

It’s not just the girls who get to show some personality on the big day – the groomsmen can also add something unique to their wedding attire by donning something unusual. We love the idea of groomsmen in fun socks, to add a bit of colour to wedding photos and make the suits feel a little less formal. These sweet socks above are personalized with names and a little note to say thanks. Of course it’s up to the groom what he’d like his friends to sport on the day, but it’s definitely something you can  have a little laugh with!

5. Unique Cufflinks for the Groom

Sometimes it might feel a little difficult to add something secret and special to a formal suit. We think the easiest way to bring a bit more personality to the groom’s attire is with a pair of unusual cufflinks. You can get cufflinks made from almost anything nowadays, whether it’s initials made out of scrabble pieces, football jerseys or even some Star Wars memorabilia! Have fun with these little additions and get something you’ll treasure forever – even if you won’t be wearing them to your next work do!

6. Thoughtful Table Names

Table names are are great way to give guests a bit of insight into a couple’s love story or personality. There are so many things you can do with table names if you just let your imagination run wild! We love these plaques with alternative numbers which represent the address of the places this particular couple went on dates together. Other ideas are favourite bands, favourite foods, cartoon characters, books with classic love stories and anything in between!

7. Bride & Groom Chair Signs

A big trend in wedding décor is chair signs for the bride and groom, whether they’re fabulous floral Mr & Mrs signs, or childhood pictures as in the photo above. The trick is to display something that suits your personality and shares a little bit more about yourselves. If you’re feeling whimsical why not use your pet names for each other or nicknames your friends gave you in school? Another option is a photo of your favourite couple from a movie, or you could pop a chalkboard on the back and see what each other write on it as a surprise!

8. A Cake Topper with Character

A great way to infuse some personality into your wedding is with your wedding cake topper. There are so many different styles of embellishments on the market, including beautiful bespoke toppers such as those featured above. Spell out your new name, some good wishes or even a few words from a poem or song to customise your cake to its fullest. Other ideas are getting a cake topper made to look like you both, and including some special details about both the bride and groom such as sports paraphernalia or a distinctive item of clothing.

9. Embrace Social Media

A few years ago couples were a little bit cagey about guests posting pictures and details of their wedding on social media, however it seems the trend is now to embrace the future and make it work for you! Create your own personal wedding hashtag so that guests can view a timeline of the day and have access to other guests’ photos in an instant. This stream will be great for you to look back on in the days directly after the wedding and before you get your hands on the professional photos!

10. Cute Custom Escort Cards

Escort cards are the perfect place to add some personality to your wedding décor. Of course these cards are inherently custom-made, but you can make them all the more bespoke by using photographs! The couple in this photo donned their formal wear and wrote the name of each guest on a chalkboard to take individual poloroids of each name –a cute idea that also doubles as a wedding favour! You can choose from a multitude of ways to present these cards, whether on flattened wine corks, pinned on a big board or pegged up on some lines of twine – whatever suits your style!

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