More 2015 Unusual Wedding Trends


We hope you enjoyed reading our last article on unusual wedding trends that are doing the rounds this year. We’re back with more tips on a few trends that are noteworthy of replicating on your special day too…


If you thought you’d see a barista only at your favourite coffee shop, you’d be wrong. Modern day couples are more than happy to treat their guests to freshly made shots of expresso, coffee based beverages and other customised drinks that act as an instant perk-me-up. In fact, a live mocktail bar which allows guests to put together their own concoction is also a great idea. The idea is to allow guests to feel at home while catering to everybody’s tastes.


On one hand, classy formal dining is making a huge comeback and while butlers no doubt add instant glamour and style to the reception, couples also can’t resist the idea of food trucks or tasting stations which dish up little portions of old time favourites. Fast food snacks like mac and cheese, mini kebabs, pasta in tomato sauce and even seafood treats are definite crowd pullers. And if you would prefer to go with just a classy dinner, then why not think about hiring an ice-cream truck to serve dessert?


Still confused about the best design to go with on your wedding cake? Believe it or not, non traditional wedding desserts are trending over wedding cakes. Sure, you’ll still find cakes in all shapes and sizes at weddings but you can’t ignore the fact that doughnut towers, macaron towers, mini cakes and even mini tarts are actually being served in place of two and three tiered creations. We think that it’s a great idea because all your guests get an equal slice and also because it’s so different.

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