5 Beautiful Ways to Remember Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

A wedding is a happy and celebratory occasion but it can be tinged with sadness for those who are missing someone special from their day whether it’s a beloved grandparent, parent or friend. Some couples choose to pay special tribute to those who cannot be there and there are lots of lovely ways to do this while keeping the happy and joyous tone of the day. Here are 5 beautiful ways to remember lost loved ones on your wedding day…

1. Heart Tree (above)

A beautiful way to honour those who aren’t without you is by having a tree or plant at either the ceremony or reception and hanging the names or love hearts from it in honour of your lost family or friends.

2. Your Bridal Bouquet 


If you’re looking for a private way to ensure a loved one is with you during the day, you could hang mini photographs from your bridal bouquet or incorporate them in to your cuff links.

Image courtesy of theknot.com

3. Wedding Signage


There are lots beautiful signs you can include in your day as a tribute to those who couldn’t be there like this one above – we’ve also seen couples include ‘Wish You Were Here’ signs and ‘We Know You Would Be Here Today If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away’.

Image courtesy of Green Bride Guide

4. Special Tribute


A popular option is a candle in honour of each loved one who isn’t there – this can be at the reception or ceremony. Or if you’d like to make a special tribute to them, you could leave a seat vacant in their honour.

Images via Hey Wedding Lady and Wedding Chicks

5. Family Table


A memorial table with photographs, flowers and signs is a beautiful way to include those who aren’t there on your special day – you could even mix them in with framed photographs of your parents weddings.

Image via Behind the Bliss | Main Image by Couple Photography

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