6 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Shoes

Your wedding shoes can quite literally make or break your wedding. Not only should they match the wedding dress, the day and the chosen theme or colours; they should also be comfortable enough to be worn throughout the ceremony and, if needed,  for the photo session or the reception evening formalities.

In this guide, we will consider top 6 factors to consider when choosing the wedding shoes.


  1. Fabric– Today, brides have so much variety when it comes to the wedding shoe fabrics. Raw silk, crepe, satin are just a few options to choose from. You can even choose the same fabric as your wedding dress, however, the trend nowadays is choosing a different fabric to enhance the overall ensemble.
  2. Shoe colours– Tradition dictates that you choose the same colour as your wedding dress/gown. However, many modern brides are known to select a complementary colour or colours like gold and silver which match with other wedding accessories. This can greatly accentuate the overall getup. If however, you plan on going the traditional way, make sure you carry a photograph or a sample of the wedding dress fabric in order to exactly match the wedding shoes with it.
  3. Comfort– Naturally, all things aside, it is essential that the selected wedding shoes are also extremely comfortable. Weddings tend to last an entire day, sometimes even three days. So comfort is one factor that should be really high up on your list when buying your wedding shoes. Opt for heels and stilettos only if you are used to wearing them.  Irrespective of whether you are choosing flats or heels, make sure you buy them at least 3 months before the big day so you have plenty of time to wear and break them in.
  4. Matching the shoe style and occasion– Naturally, when choosing your wedding shoes, it is also essential to choose different pairs for various occasions. You also need to take into account the formality of the various occasions, the style of attire you will be donning and also the season. For example, fall and winter brides tend to wear floor length gowns with full sleeves. They must naturally opt for closed shoes in raw silk or leather. Alternatively, summer brides can opt for open toe shoes made with raw silk or satin. If you are opting for an informal wedding, then you can choose embellished or ballet shoes.
  5. Venue– Brides planning on getting married on the beach, on a cruise or in a garden should also take into account these wedding venues while selecting their wedding shoes. Heels and stilettos are not too comfortable on beaches or stone paved walkways. Also consider the entire wedding journey and where you would be required to go when choosing the shoes.
  6. Account for the groom– If you are already taller than your groom, you certainly do not want to opt for heels. Choose the wedding shoes such that they make you look good as a couple. Alternatively, if you are much shorter than the groom, then it is best to opt for heels so that you can lengthen your overall physique and match his height.


Some more tips to consider when selecting wedding shoes

  • Always carry a backup pair. Emergencies can arise even if you have taken everything into account regarding the wedding shoes.
  • If you are wearing white, matching the shoes to the dress can be difficult. You can either dye the shoes to the exact shade or opt for a completely different shade altogether.
  • Also carry your wedding shoes to your fitting so that you ensure meeting the proper length of your bridal attire.

We hope these tips will come in handy for you while choosing your wedding shoes.

Main image via Harriet Wilde

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Dipa M

Dipa M

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