8 Exciting Things You Can Do Now that You’re Engaged

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Congratulations to all our newly engaged couples! This is such an exciting time for so many reasons. Here’s just some of the things you can look forward to now that you’re a fiancé(e)…

1. Enjoy That Glow – You’ve had a strict beauty regime for years hell-bent on getting gorgeous glowing skin and now with one slip of a ring, you’re positively beaming. Money cannot buy this natural radiance – you’re so happy it’s written all over your face. Enjoy it!

2. Shop for a Rock – Whether your partner purchased a ring for you or you’re about to embark on the hunt for your brand spanking shiny new rock together, getting used to your new engagement ring is very exciting. Whether it is catching little glimpses of it sitting snugly on your left hand or that glint in a certain light, the new addition to your ring finger will feel just lovely.

3. Embrace Your New Status – Just saying ‘I’m engaged’ is sure to send you in to a blissful tizzy! And believe us you get a buzz for quite some time.  And if you’ve a Facebook account, you can also look forward to setting your status to ‘Engaged’!

4. Join weddingsonline! – While you may have been a regular Facebook and Instagram follower for an age and you have your set websites you’d browse on a daily basis, now that you’re engaged there is a whole other exciting world out there waiting for you to explore. Wedding stuff. And here at weddingsonline we have your entire wedding journey covered. From chatting to fellow brides and grooms on wedding forums, to your own little planning space where you can keep on top of all your tasks, to daily inspiration and planning tips trough, it will be your best friend on your wedding journey. Sign up today!

5. Celebrate! – Engagements and celebrating go hand in hand so be sure to round up the family and enjoy this special time. Whether you host a dinner party at home, or head out somewhere memorable to toast your new status and all the exciting times ahead, soak up this lovely time where you’re quite literally living on cloud 9. And don’t forget, everyone is super excited for you and wants to be part of this happy time so be sure to include them.

6. Start Planning your Wedding – Whether you put your wedding together in a matter of months or you stretch it out and enjoy a long engagement, it will be filled with lots of exciting milestones. From booking that special place where you’ll say ‘I Do’ to pouring over portfolios of wedding photographers and deciding who will take your precious memories, to shopping for that dream dress or wedding suit, sending out invites and sampling the wedding cake you’ll cut in to on your big day– there are so many gorgeous moments for you to enjoy and look forward to.

7. Go Dress Shopping – Undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of the whole engagement process has to be the dress shopping . From browsing through endless sea of chiffon and lace to standing on the little pedestal you see in the movies to as you twirl in breathtaking gowns, these will be memories you will cherish forever. And it’s the perfect opportunity to have some special time with your family and closest friends too.

8. Set a Date – Once you’ve shared your proposal story, the next question on everyone’s lips will be ‘Have you set a date?’ Whether you’ve always dreamt of snowy winter wonderland wedding or relished the thought of a laid back summer affair, now is the time to get thinking about when you want to have that special day. And once you’ve set the date, the exciting countdown begins!

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