9 Things to Look Forward to After Your Wedding

things to look forward to after wedding

Just because your wedding day has been and gone, doesn’t mean you don’t have lots to look forward to! Here are 9 things to look forward to as a newlywed…

1. The Photo Album – Probably the first thing on your mind the morning after your wedding, will be photographs (after you’ve sneaked a peek at your new hubby or wife of course!). Thankfully social media means you’ll be drinking in photos from the previous day’s festivities the minute you get your hands on a smart phone, swiping and tapping with vigour. But you still have that exciting/painful six to seven week countdown to the official photographer photos. It will be excruciating but well worth the wait.

2. The Wedding DVD – If you were hesitant about hiring a videographer for whatever reason, boy will you be glad you made that call and hired one once the day has been and gone. Nothing will prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster of watching your wedding in real time. From your teary journey up the aisle to that special first dance, those heart warming speeches and the crazy dance floor antics as the celebrations continue in to the early hours, your wedding video is priceless. And it will be stuck in your DVD player for weeks on end as you relive gorgeous moment after moment, guaranteed.

3. The Honeymoon/Minimoon – Whether you’ve opted for the cruise of a lifetime or two blissful weeks on a beach, basking in your newlywed status and rehashing the wedding day in minute details with your new hubby or wife, they honeymoon/minimoon has to be near the top of things to look forward to after the big day. After the stress of all that wedding planning, a honeymoon is a well deserved break, some quality time for you both and will take the edge off those post-wedding blues as well.

4. Your New Ring! – While you were delighted with your engagement ring, after months of planning it is more than ready for a new companion to join its side. Yes, your wedding means you not only get a new lifelong partner but a shiny new ring to boot. Hurrah!

5. Catching Up on Boxsets – Chances are your social live was out on hold these last few months coming up to the wedding with pressing issues like where to seat Uncle Jim and tying a year’s supply of bakers twine around a never-ending supply of mason jars. Which means important stuff like Game of Thrones, Modern Family and all your favourite TV shows went by the wayside. But do not despair, now that you’re free to reacquaint with the couch and relax, you can devote hours to watching King Joffrey and all his antics.

6. Guilt Free Junk Food – With every big event, you often feel the need to look your very best so you more than likely gave crisps and sugary things a miss in the run up to the wedding, hoping your skin will reap the benefits. So now that you’ve done your duty, it’s time to reward yourself and you break out the Ben and Jerry’s. And the take-out menus. And enjoy!

7. Calling your OH Husband or Wife – You will get such a kick out of these little words. Trading fiancé(e) in for husband or wife will give you such an unexpected buzz!

8. Opening Presents! – We all know a wedding is not about presents… BUT that being said there is something a tad exciting about ripping off wrapping paper and delving in to a sea of pressies. And if you had a wedding registry you can now look forward to finally getting your hands on that coveted piece. In the flesh!

9. Sending Thank You Cards – You’ll find yourself with lots of free time now that you’re no longer crafting and planning up a storm. And you’ll be only itching to get your teeth into something which is why it might be nice to make your thank you cards in to a little project or mission – whether you make homemade cards or opt for super personalised messages to thank each and every one of your guests for making it to your day, they’ll appreciate the kind gesture and you’ll get to relive moments from the wedding with each new card.

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Pamela Mahon

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