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When it comes to the big day, many brides want to shed a few pounds of excess fat and they usually want it to happen fast.  Although we don’t encourage quick fix fat loss methods, there are a few safe and effective ways that White Dress Workout can share so you can accelerate the fat loss process to trim up before your big day.

1.   DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.  Staying well hydrated with water throughout the day helps to increase metabolism and keep everything running as it should. Water also helps the kidneys to filter toxins and waste while the organ retains essential nutrients and electrolytes and when the body is dehydrated, the kidneys retain fluid and I recommend drinking around 2-3 litres of water per day to reap the rewards. Oh and yes you may be visiting the loo a little more often than usual as I’m sure you can imagine.

2.   INCREASE YOUR NEAT.  I’m not talking about keeping your house clean and tidy kinda NEAT but the ‘non-exercise activity thermogenesis’ kind, which in simpler terms, are the activities you do day to day that aren’t exercise so things like climbing stairs, walking, shopping, OK and maybe cleaning and tidying the house.  This extra activity burns extra calories and can make a positive impact on your fat loss goals.

3.   TRACK YOUR FOOD.  If you want to see progress, the best way is work out your calorie needs and macronutrients based on your goal (you can find a handy macro calculator online) and then track your food and drinks to ensure you’re eating the right amount and not eating too much (or too little).  Small things can add up – like an extra tablespoon of oil over your goal calories can lead to 100 kcal surplus which, over time can make all the difference!

4.   WORKOUT AT A MED-HIGH INTENSITY for minimum 4 times per week.  Staying consistent with your nutrition intake will take you far but frequent exercise will take you even further.  Aim for 4 workouts per week involving resistance training and some HIIT cardio training to ramp up your metabolism and add shape and definition.  Push yourself in each session and if you find it easy then you’re not working hard enough.  Don’t be afraid to lift heavy either, as long as your form is correct, lift as heavy as you can as this will make the difference in building lean muscle and burning fat.

5.   WATCH THE WEEKENDS so you’ve been hitting your nutrition targets all week and been to the gym every day or two and now it’s the weekend so you can have a cheat day or two right? …Wrong!  If you’ve been in a calorie deficit all week and you’ve been making great progress then a cheat day or 2 at the weekend can have a massive negative impact on your overall long term results.  If you like to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine, pizza and dessert at the weekend on top of your other usual food in the day then then this may result in upwards of 1000 kcal surplus and over 2 days, this will pretty much cancel out all the hard work you’ve put in during the week.  Stay on track at the weekend and you’ll see the results much quicker!

For personal training enquiries, feel free to email me at or head over to my Instagram white_dress_workout to see more.

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