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Flowers are an essential element of your wedding from your bridal bouquet, button holes, garlands, flower arches to centre pieces but working out where to start can be really tricky.  There are endless possibilities in terms of variety, styles, colours and arrangements but getting it right will make your wedding really pop!  If you’re looking for some inspiration, top tips and an idea of wedding flower trends then you’re in luck as today we catch up with the super talented team from Floral Atelier who share their expertise.

What are your general predictions for weddings and flower trends for the next 12 months?

Depending on the background of the couple we expect weddings to happen in a certain way in line with their traditions; be it the white wedding dress, floral décor, type of ceremony or the nature of hospitality the guests receive.  There’s always the traditional image in mind.  However the upcoming trend for weddings is a tailored, personalised bespoke feel and we’ll see more of the couple’s character rather than the traditional expectations.  Some brides are choosing comfort over glam, entertainment as well as music and Arabic weddings taking place in the morning when traditionally it would take place at night.  Sustainability and environmentally friendly options are also on trend from recycled invitations to sustainably sourced food.

Flower trends for 2020 are really exciting!  Preserved flowers and foliage (think dried palms and pampas plumes!) are on trend with bouquets brimming with personality and natural textures.  However these trends might loose their place to metallic dipped flowers and foliage which adds real drama to the floral design.  We’re also hoping to see more branches used in floral arrangements such as forsythia, salix to the beautiful cherry blossoms which create structure and glamour. 

Bridal Bouquets are more personal than ever, currently are there any set trends?

Monochrome and long stemmed flowers may be the trend for 2020 but I believe that it’s more personal and meaningful than that.  Brides are looking for more than just beautiful flowers to hold and want their flowers to both complement their dress and theme but also represent a certain message.  Dahlias for example represent commitment while freesias represent innocence.  The exquisite orchid represents beauty and fertility while the ever popular peonie means love and happiness.  It’s all about personalisation and some brides are even incorporating small objects into their bouquets that have meaning to them.

At what stage in the planning process should brides-to-be start to think about wedding flowers?

Flowers really bring things together, that’s why I believe you should select your florist at the early stage of the planning process.  As leaving the wedding flowers to last minute might mean compromising, especially in high season where availability might be a problem.  So ideally, six to three months before the wedding, a couple should select their florist.  This will give the flower shop time to visit the venue and order and create beautiful customized décor.  However there’s a bit more flexibility with the floral bouquet which can be created at shorter notice.

What is the most important thing you as florist can offer a bride?

I think the best thing a florist can offer their brides is full cooperation and a completely honest conversation. We will help the bride come up with an inspiration board which includes everything the her and her groom like.  From this mood board we will create something stunning that suits the bride’s needs.

What are the top questions that brides-to-be should ask their florist?

  • What are the services you offer?
  • If they have any pictures to show of their past work?
  • Is their calendar free the day ahead of the wedding?
  • Can they work with the budget you’ve set aside?
  • Do they have enough workforces?
  • How big of a project can they handle?
  • What are this season’s flowers?
  • What are their delivery options?

What services do you offer brides?

We offer a range of services to brides.  The first and most important service we offer is a comprehensive consultation with the florist. The florist will be able to inform the clients about the latest trends, introduce new flowers and style, shed light to certain aspects in the wedding process that the bride and groom might not have considered yet.  The florists at Floral Atelier are incredibly talented and qualified to style fresh flowers into stunning wedding bouquet and eye-catching centerpieces in the form of arches, garlands, wreaths and much more.  We are also happy to work with faux flowers to create flower installations if that’s what the customer wants.  Floral Atelier has a dedicated gift-wrapping section in which we can do customized wedding favors. We are happy to partner with other vendors to bring you whatever is needed for you wedding.

To find out more details about Floral Atelier pop over to their Profile Page or to book your free bridal consultation  call them on 054 433 4411 or email

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