Inspiring Wedding Themes for Your UAE Wedding

We’ve just wrapped up a phenomenal competition with the fabulous Saadiyat Beach Club in Abu Dhabi giving couples a chance to WIN a little bit of pampering before the Big Day. We asked UAE couples what the Theme of their dream UAE Wedding is going to be and our inbox was flooded with amazing responses. The very lucky engaged couple will look forward to a relaxing day at Saadiyat Beach Club complete with Swedish back massages, a fab lunch, a luxurious cabana and access to the beach, pool, spa facilities and gym. Enjoy …we’re just a little jealous!

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We were blown away with all the fabulous responses with creative UAE couples coming up with some really unique and inspiring wedding themes for their special day. In fact, we were so impressed with the concepts from our entrants that we’ve decided to share some of them with you. Check out some brilliant themes and ideas below…


Photo via Saadiyat Beach Club

1. Since we both love the sea, sand, corals, everything that’s related to the beach, we’ve chosen to have a beach theme on our wedding day.

2. We’re dreaming of a simple, rustic themed wedding on a floating raft but since we’re thinking SUMMER, I think a summer vineyard wedding in the Balkans will be the bomb.

3. Our wedding will have a mixed Arabian charm and South African surf laid back feel! We will Braai (barbecue) with our closest friends at a Saadiyat Villa… we originally got engaged in July on Saadiyat beach and it has a special place in both of our hearts because of this.


 Photo via Saadiyat Beach Club

4. Our Philippine Wedding will have a combination of an autumn and rustic theme. It will be held at an open garden with a lagoon in the background. It will be simple yet solemn and memorable.

5. Our theme will be ‘Midnight Frost”. It’s a combination of starry night and winter. It can be indoors or outdoors – for outdoors you can channel midnight by hanging string lights, and the decoration will winter-inspired like frosted twigs, snowflakes and crystals. For indoors, we’d have ceiling drapings in dark blue fabric before hanging string lights to create an illusion of the sky with stars on in.

6. We are going for a black and white themed wedding where everything is black and white and the guests wear black and white. I would wear wear a red dress and my fiancé would wear a navy blue suit with a red bow tie!


Photo via Junebug Weddings

7. Our theme will be ‘Mardi Gras’. There’s nothing as fun as a carnival theme!

8. Our wedding will have a magical theme! As magical as the love story we created.

9. Our theme is ‘Flames of Love’ – the whole venue (it is outdoor) will be filled with only candles… centerpieces, kosha, venue decoration.. evvvverything!

10. I want my theme to be desert inspired with hot air all balloons around.


Photo by via Green Wedding Shoes

11. Since I am a civil engineer by profession I would like to have ‘Engineering’ themed wedding. New and unique.

12. We’re having an ‘Indian theme’, that includes Punjabi men playing the drums (dhol),  Indian dance performances, a singer to sing for the couple and the distribution of jasmine flowers to the guests.

13. We would like to have a big royal themed wedding with old fabrics, heavy golden chairs and marble tables. It would be a luxurious theme with a big hall with a high ceiling and tall candles.

14. We’re having a ‘Great Gatsby’ color scheme – bright white, champagne and rose gold and feathers instead of flowers and a blanket fairy lights hanging from the sky!


Photo via

15. The theme is simple as this – all white which means white roses, tuxedos, white wedding dress, etc. I think white as a color is the most powerful in the world and symbolises love and peace.

16. We’re having a fairy tale wedding theme. Why? Because I met my fiancé like in a fairy tale… I met him like my knight and shining armor.

17. Our wedding theme would be ‘Skyscraper’. I want the ceremony to be held in the air, we’ll all be doing sky diving. It would be so much fun and exciting.

18. Our wedding theme would be a ‘Whimsical Forest Wedding’ with lots of gorgeous greenery to bring an elegant and natural feel to our big day.


Photo via Wedding Sparrow

So many inspiring ideas! Thank you again to all our entrants for our Saadiyat Beach Club competition and congrats again to our winner X!

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