Makeup Artist Spotlight | A Q&A With Laure Sejean

How did you become a MUA?

I’ve always loved doing makeup and looking after my myself. In my previous profession as an HR director is was important for me to look presentable and professional on a daily basis. My husband was in the beauty industry, and one day came home with a beauty blender and I had no idea what to do with it! I went online and found the YouTube tutorials and became addicted!

My journey started with me trying things on myself and discovering what worked and what I liked. At the time I was also looking for a new career direction, so I decided to take my passion more seriously, and began learning how to apply what I’d learnt from doing my own makeup on other people. Different features, skin tones, cultural differences and preferences.

I started first with my friends on evenings and weekends and they all loved it. After that I couldn’t see myself going back into an office job. When I did my first wedding I realised that was it for me. At the end of doing makeup for 5 woman I was like, “wow! This is what I want to do!”

Tell us about your training…

I researched a lot of schools and academies and ended up choosing a full time course based in Dubai which covered a vast range of techniques, and again, different face shapes and skin tones. This is so important in the UAE because my clients are from all over the world!

When it comes to beauty and makeup trends I am still learning every day to keep current so that I know how to create the looks that each bride will request.

What do you love most about being a makeup artist?

As a makeup artist the beauty of it is that you are making people feel good about themselves. You are making them feel amazing, confident, empowered. That is an incredible feeling.

Why do you like doing wedding makeup?

Well, it’s a lot of pressure (you only get one shot!) but being a part of a bride’s special day is so rewarding. I love making a bride feel comfortable and at ease, this is part of the job, and then at the end I want her to look in the mirror and recognise herself as beautiful, amazing, gorgeous! I feel honoured to share that moment in their life.

Do brides always have a vision in mind when they come to you?

It depends, some have a vision so they will share looks with me, sometimes from my own Instagram account and some say do whatever you think will work best, I trust you! Some brides come to me very organised, and some just prefer to go with the flow.

Are there any particular trends or styles that you prefer to create?

I ca do any kind of makeup, but for brides I prefer to bring out the natural beauty, with fresh and natural makeup. I like to bring out luminous skin. I’m seeing less and less full cover and harsh lines, this is what I’m seeing.

How do you deal with the climate here when it comes to makeup application?

I always adapt the product to the climate. When it’s hot you want to use products which don’t produce too much oil, and I finish with a matifying setting sp which will keep the shine under control!

What common mistakes do you see from brides?

I think brides don’t realise how much their skin needs to be hydrated. 2 weeks before you should drink more water than you would normally, this will ease the application of the makeup on the day. A deep cleansing of the skin at a salon is also a good way to prep, I recommend one 2 months before the wedding day and another 2 weeks prior. This will help to get the best result.

What piece of advice would you give to brides choosing a makeup artist?

Having your makeup done for you is very intimate, so on your wedding day you want to be with someone you are comfortable with, and for me, this key. Obviously the quality of the work needs to be at the standard you are looking for as well. Make sure you agree one the makeup beforehand, you need to be on the same page. On the day of your wedding you want to be at ease, you want to know exactly what to expect from the person in front of you doing the makeup.

If you would like to book a consultation with Laure Sejean call her on +971 50 341 8482 or visit her profile page.

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