Our Monthly Health & Fitness Feature from White Dress Workout | Getting that Perfect Posterior!

This month our health and fitness blog is all about getting that perfect peach!  The amazing Jenny from White Dress Workout is here to help.


If you’re planning to show off your beautiful bridal body in a fitted wedding dress then chances are, you’ll want a curvaceous derriere to fill the dress and show your strong, feminine curves.  Whether you call it your butt, peach, derriere, bum or booty;  your gluteus maximus (which is one of the three muscles that make up the glutes) is the largest muscle in your body and has a number of important jobs.  The main functions of the gluteus muscle group is to stabilize the pelvis and lower back and keep the body in an upright posture so having a strong, firm and peachy butt not only looks great but building strength in the glutes and hamstrings also provides a number of benefits for our body such as:

~ Decreased risk of back, hip and knee injuries
~ Better movement patterns when squatting, lifting, lunging etc.
~ Better posture
~ Increased bone density
~ Increased lean muscle mass

Now we know about the benefits of having strong glutes, here are my 8 top glute focused exercises to add to your workouts to give you a perky, firm and rounded tushy for your wedding day and beyond.  Click on the exercise for a quick ‘how to’ video.

Kettlebell swing

Cable kick back

Goblet squat

Bulgarian split squat

Elevated single leg hip bridge

Romanian deadlift

Step ups

Cable rope pull through

Start off by performing 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps of each 2-3 times per week and remember that a balanced body is a happy and healthy body so don’t neglect your other main muscle groups too such as the back and shoulders.

For more information on personal training and online workout programs, feel free to contact me on email (jen@whitedressworkout.com) or instagram (white_dress_workout)

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