How to Nail the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

If you’re a newly engaged bride, chances are an engagement ring selfie is pretty high on the to-do list! If you’re looking to share your excitement with the world and give them a glimpse of your new bling, the engagement ring selfie ticks several boxes, but unlike every other photo you causally upload to your Instagram feed, this one is going to be getting a lot of attention (no pressure!). This snap will not only get scrutinised within an inch of its life but your gorgeous ring has to look the business as well. As with all selfies, there are things you should and shouldn’t do – and believe it or not the engagement selfie has a few rules of its own. Make sure you nail the perfect engagement ring selfie and show the world just how drop-dead gorgeous your amazing ring is with our 10 top tips…

1. The Manicure: It’s all about the ring so chipped nails are a definite show stealer. A lick of polish or a trip to the salon is an engagement ring selfie must.

2. Lighting: Dimly lit room equals blurry, distorted photos which will do nothing for your sparkler. Fluorescent lamps are also a no-go. Natural light is best so get yourself to a window or have a wander outdoors for picture perfect lighting.


3: The Pose: The pros say hand raised in the air is the route to go but if you’re worried about shaking hands, keep it natural by holding your morning latte or pop your favourite clutch in your hand.

4. The Backdrop: Your ring is the star of the show so steer clear of cluttered backdrops that will hog the limelight.

5. The Props: Handsome fiancé(e), perfectly placed bridal magazine or a cute ‘Mrs’ cushion are all awesome ways to get the message out there loud and clear if you’re looking to have some fun with your photo.

6. The Angle: Play around with your shots so you get your ring angle just perfect and show off that amazing stone.


7. The Camera: Make sure you camera is up to scratch. Borrow a friend’s if yours has had it’s day and make sure to tap the screen to focus the camera, avoid the flash and steer clear of the zoom if you’re after a crystal clear photo.

8. Practice Makes Perfect: Snap away so you have plenty of photo ops to choose from.

9. The Filter: There are fancy filters aplenty that can turn a not so amazing shot in to a near work of art. Filter away to your hearts content if you’re looking for a bit of a glow.

10. The One: Keep it simple and publish one fab photo; your friends/followers/acquaintances will be delighted for you but don’t want a feed full of your styled selfie shoot.


1: Clockwise from left: Fojan Parsa via Pinterest | Ginger Ramirez via Facebook | oregonashley via Instagram | Better than Fine | 2. Clockwise from left: Katie Stone via Twitter | Brides Dana Householder via Pinterest | Taylor Made | Arielle Lee via Twitter | Main Image: Lauren Conrad | F. Silverman Jeweler via Twitter

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