Tips for Planning a Budget Friendly Wedding

A bride dreams of her wedding day right since she is a little girl. Most envision a royal wedding or fantasize about ceremonies seen in movies. However, reality bites: often one’s budget is not quite the same as those of the celebrities. But, despair not: there are many ways of having a budget friendly wedding without any compromising on the style.

Read on…we have important tips for you!

Getting started: Planning a Chic budget friendly wedding

budget friendly wedding ideas

So where do you start? Well, we recommend that you start with a vision. Talk to your family, your fiancé and discuss how you want your wedding to look like. This way, you can begin to narrow down upon a budget. For example, you might have been to a wedding recently that had a fabulous decor with flower bouquets in every nook and corner. You too can have enormous flower arrangements, but can, maybe, use less number of flowers of the inexpensive varieties. Thus, the key is to having a budget friendly wedding is using your imagination, creativity and ingenuity to make the dream a reality.

Whilst envisioning your wedding, we recommend thinking about ceremonies you have attended, seen in the movies or even browsed online. This can help you narrow down the picture of what you really want. Seek help from your friends, family members and your better half so that you do not feel overwhelmed.

Ideas that can help you save money

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  1. Discuss with friends who have recently tied the knot. Get tips for saving money while also getting referrals for wedding vendors and suppliers.
  2. Browse through online wedding portals to get an idea of what you wish to pay. Be on the lookout for sales and discounts.
  3. Browse through bridal magazines. These have plenty of tips, advice as well as inspirational ideas. They can help you narrow down the choices while pointing out ways of saving time and money.
  4. Bridal shows are other ways in which you can get inspired and also sign up for great deals, giveaways and prizes.
  5. Try and save money on the venue by scouting various options. Also think of your or your parent’s backyard for hosting a wedding there.
  6. If you have the time and inclination, why not attend some classes which can help you come up with DIY party favours, wedding decorations or even the wedding cake.

Keeping a wedding journal or a diary is a fantastic place to assemble little ideas and inspirations as they strike. Not only is this a good starting point, it will also help you accurately describe your dream budget friendly wedding in a detailed manner.

Creating the wedding budget

It is essential to discuss the financial aspects of the wedding with the groom and the family members on both sides. Clarify your expectations as well as his to avoid discontent later. Consider realistic budget of what you can actually afford so that you do not start your married life with a debt. Speak with parents on both sides and divide up responsibilities while being sensitive to everyone’s privacy and financial situations.

Here are some things to include in the wedding budget:

  • Wedding attire for bride, groom, bridesmaids
  • Rings
  • Officiant/priest fees
  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Gifts and favours
  • Makeup artist and hair stylist
  • Decoration
  • Invitation cards and other wedding stationery
  • Photography/videography
  • Cake
  • Honeymoon

Choosing the Time, Date and location

Western weddings popularly take place on Saturdays, while Indian weddings are held according to a Mahurat or the auspicious time for the wedding season (generally lasting from October to early March). Expert wedding planners recommend booking the wedding date on Fridays or Sundays to save money. Vendors are also more likely to negotiate on weddings held in the off season. Holidays go both ways as many people might not be able to attend so do think carefully when choosing a wedding date in the holiday season.

Similarly, there are many venues that can be booked on a budget or even for free. In India, registrar courts and temple weddings are often very cost effective. Many modern couples tie the knot in these places and then have lavish reception for the family and friends. In the West, locations like historical societies, parks, museums, and art galleries etc can help couples tie the knot for less.

Wedding Themes to help you save

There are many wedding themes that can be used for making the planning process easier while helping couples save:

  • Eco friendly and green weddings– These use minimal paper and recycled items. They help reduce carbon footprint as well.
  • Beach weddings– Beach wedding venues make use of sea shells and sand to keep things simple yet chic and attractive.
  • Heritage weddings– These help reflect your heritage; brides can also use heirloom jewellery and dresses to look authentic and save money as well.

Other tips for saving money

wedding cupcakes for budget friendly wedding

  • You can print DIY wedding invites or make your own favours. If you have the expertise and the time, bake your own cake. Opt for cupcakes as these look cute, trendy and unique while costing less.
  • Become your own decorators. Ask friends and family to help decorate the venue. Use recyclable material like shells, vines, and fruits/veggies for the centrepieces.
  • Arrange a friend to play the DJ to save money on music bands
  • Decorate your wedding getaway car yourself. Choose a friend’s luxury or vintage car instead of renting one.
  • Rent your wedding dresses or buy them second-hand. Many websites sell these.
  • Get a friend to do your hairstyle and makeup.

These are few ideas for budget-friendly yet chic weddings which can help create an enormous visual impact without spending a ton.



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