Useful Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

Desitnation Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is a fun experience but getting each and every detail right can be oh-so-tiring. If you are serious about combining a vacation and a wedding together, then there are plenty of factors to consider and a lot of homework to get through first. Here are a few tips that we think you should keep in mind before booking your tickets:


Choosing the right spot:  Picking that one location for a destination wedding is much harder than you think. Should you go by destination wedding spots that are currently trending? Should you go with a place that can be accessed easily by guests, relatives and family? Or should you go with that one spot where you’ve always wanted to say your vows? We say that you and your partner should compile a list of at least 5 places where you would like to get married and take it from there. Specific places or countries that hold a special meaning for you both and which fits your budget should be given top priority.


Visit the Country or Place: Going through reviews of your chosen destination wedding spot is a great idea and can help you make better decisions but nothing beats actually going and visiting the place in person. If you’ve chosen a different country, make time to spend a few days getting to know the place better. In fact, you would need to make more than one trip to get all the hundred little details in order and to avoid any last minute disappointments even if you have a super-awesome wedding planner to take care of any hiccups.


Timing is Everything: Hotels and resorts have their peak and off-peak seasons in the year, so it’s wise to look more closely at the right time to host the wedding. Remember that some 5 star upward hotels prefer to lock in reservations at least 6 to 8 months before the actual wedding date and keeping a time factor like this in mind will also give your guests the time they need to book their airline tickets (if flying is required) and to  block their calendar dates for you. And yes, don’t forget to read up on the weather forecasts for your destination wedding spot either!

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