5 Great Wedding Catering Trends for 2016

We’re living in a foodie hotspot! Yup, you might not know it but the UAE has the highest number of food and beverage outlets, per capita, in the world… so with all this amazing food around it’s no wonder UAE brides and grooms are looking for ways to incorporate foodie ideas and catering trends into their wedding menu. Here are 5 great wedding catering trends for 2016 couples…

1. Healthy over Hearty


 Photo by Andrew Mark via Brides | Photo by Ken Kienow via Brides

Unless you’re a total burger junkie, you’d know the UAE is in the midst of a health revolution. Lighter options, super-foods and non-meat, non-dairy alternatives are all the rage in cafes, top restaurants and at weddings in 2016. A lighter canapé is a great way to start your event and incorporating local, fresh options (like fruit or veg platters and dips) shows you care not only about the health of your guests but also your ecological footprint.

2. Food Trucks

Yes, they’re everywhere, and for good reason! We’re seeing funky Food Trucks at food festivals and events across the UAE, why not at your wedding? These cute little mobile catering units can pull up and serve guests your favorite street food after a few hours on the dance floor. From Tacos and Arabic mezze to London style Fish ‘n’ Chips, check out Roundup, a new UAE company who can help you find the food truck you’re looking for!


Photo by Made U Look Photography

3. Shake your mocktail

What defines you and your partner’s personalities? ‘The Husband’ mocktail might be sweet, strong with lots of punch… we’re thinking Moscow Mule with Ginger, Nutmeg and Lime! ‘The Bride’ mocktail might be delicate, floral and subtle with a fresh finish… how does a Lady Lavender sound (that’s Pear and Grapefruit with Lavender and Basil)?! We love the idea of greeting guests with a tray of refreshing mocktails and it’s a fun way to inject your personality into your Big Day as well. Work with your caterer, venue or wedding planner to find a striking way to present your signature mocktails to really impress your guests.

4. Nostalgia


 Photo by Shane Shepard via Hello May | Photo by Brandi Welles via Style Me Pretty

A beautiful way to personalise your catering menu is to incorporate some family elements. It might be Nana’s apple cake, Jedda’s Baklava or Nona’s Italian Wedding cookies – these evoke memories of our childhoods and what better way to honor our heritage than through taste (your guests will love and appreciate it too!)

5. Late Night Munchies

Think your wedding party will run late into the night with your guests ripping up the dance floor?! Then a comforting late night snack is the perfect way to re-energise your guests and leave them with smiles and full tummies. A Schwarma or Falafel station could be the ideal crowd pleasing pick me up for your UAE wedding, or if you’re looking for something guests can nibble on, leave out rustic French cheese boards with all your favorites for guests to dig in to!


Photo by Dish Catering

Main photo: (L) photo by Miles Witt Boyer | (R) photo by Cooper Carras via Style Me Pretty

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