Wedding Invitation Wordings and Other Tips

Wedding invitation cards can really set the tone of your celebrations. The wedding invitation wording and other small details you include can help you make a huge impact. Many couples today choose to incorporate their selected wedding theme or colours to create a sense of continuity in all wedding materials and designs.

Today, we are presenting trends, tips and wedding invitation wording ideas to help you create a huge impact in the overall look and feel of your wedding invitation cards.

Wedding invitation latest trends

  • The use of bold colours and dimensions along with lace, ribbons, and photographs etc is very popular.
  • Unusual colours combinations like pink and brown or orange and fuchsia are trendy and stylish.
  • Printing the wedding invitations at home is an ‘in thing’. Some couples also like to write their own wedding invitation wordings and also include special situations in their invites.

Ways to save money on wedding invitations


  • Be on the lookout for sales and deals from stationers.
  • Cards made using the thermography technique for raised letters cost much less and accomplish the same effect as that of embossed, engraved or letterpress techniques.
  • Always order a sample to see how the actual invitation will look. This way, you can check and double check for spelling mistakes etc and if needed get the approval from parents. This can help you make changes sooner.
  • Count one invitation per family but make sure you order at least 25 extra invites. This will come in handy should you wish to invite extra guests later. This can save tons of money on reprinting costs.
  • Order the wedding invitations and other stationery at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding. Send the cards out immediately so guests can respond and also make travel arrangements if needed.

Wedding invitation wordings 

wedding invitation wordings

Before you order your wedding invitations, you need to come up with the right wedding invitation wordings. The chosen wording can help inform guests about the time, date and location and also set the tone of the wedding, whether formal, informal etc. Other details like who is hosting the wedding can also be made clear through the wedding invitation wording.

Majority of the couples like to include the names of both sets of parents in their wedding invitations. Things can get a bit complicated, especially if there is remarriage or divorce on either or both sides. It is considered rude to leave out the step-parent’s names. In such cases, it is best to simply write: “The parents of the bride/groom cordially invite….”.

Nowadays, wedding invitation consultants can help you come up with the right invitation wording, especially when you have such particular situations. You can also browse through online sites for ideas and inspiration. You can use these as is or mix them up. You can also write your own wedding invitation wording. Whatever method you choose, ensure following the right etiquettes. Inform guests if there is a reception ceremony following the wedding along with other important details. If your guests are coming from out of town, include names of hotels where they can stay, nearby attractions, hotel information etc.

Things to include with the wedding invitation cards

  • Include response cards with the invitation cards. Clearly state the date, before which you want them to send these cards. Typically, this should be three to 4 weeks before the D-day.
  • Include a self addressed envelope for the guests to send the response letters.

We hope these tips come in handy when planning your wedding invitations and wordings.


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