Wedding Stationery 101: Your Complete Guide by Love By Design

As all brides know, planning a wedding is no small feat. The whole thing can be extremely overwhelming, and the wedding stationery is just one of the many, many things on a bride’s ‘to-do’ list.  To make it easier for all our brides-to-be,­ here are some top tips for effortlessly gorgeous wedding stationery by Love By Design.

“From beginning to end, your stationery should be a glimpse of what’s to come, a practical way to keep your nearest and dearest up-to-date, and what makes up the finer details to make your wedding day feel extra special. Done right, your wedding stationery will tie everything beautifully together, from the first save-the-date you send out, to the last thank-you card you sign after your magical day.” Rebecca Teece Paye, founder of Love By Design.


Photograph by Melrish Photography and Planners My Lovely Wedding

1. Find your style

Before you start on your save-the-dates or invitations, settle on a style for your wedding. Are you looking for something chic and modern? Do you love that rustic, bohemian aesthetic? Or are you more traditional at heart? It can be a daunting thought, deciding on a style so early on. But, for us, there is one main decision that will can act as the cornerstone for many of your future choices – your venue. Work with it and allow your stationery to reflect the space you’ve chosen to commemorate your life together as a couple. For example, if your venue is ornate and decorative, go for something simple that compliments the colours and style; you don’t want the space and your on-the-day stationery to be fighting for attention.

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2. Think ahead

We recommend that all brides-to-be find a stationer early, to ensure that your stationery is consistent and flows from beginning to end. We often have brides coming to us for invitations in a panic because they’ve sent out their save-the-dates and they weren’t truly happy with them, either because they wanted to get them out quickly or they decided to change their theme once they had done more planning. This is easily avoidable by finding a stationer before you send out anything. This may seem like it will delay your initial announcement, but it will save you the stress of having to settle on something you don’t really want, and you will have beautiful stationery, along with a killer matching wedding style, right from the very start.

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3. Work out a budget

Weddings can become very expensive, very quickly, so our advice would be to start with a couple of different ideas and a budget in mind, and then shop around to get a range of quotes from different stationers. This will give you a good indication of whether what you are looking for is within your budget. If it isn’t, you don’t need to be disheartened; work with your chosen stationer to come up with a design that falls both within your budget and your vision for your wedding. It may not be what you were originally looking for but that doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect for your big day!

Photography Paula Scalco and Planner The Wedding Haven

4. Finding a quantity that’s just right

What is the right number of invitations to order? This point is especially important for brides who are trying to keep within budget. A good place to start is by thinking about your guest list. Are you inviting mainly couples, or families? If so, then you don’t need to order one per person but rather one per household. Once you have your magic number, add on an extra 10 or 20 as spares for last-minute guest additions and so you’ve got a couple as keepsakes. Our top tip would be to keep a set to display on your wedding day, and to ask your wedding photographer to take some beautiful detail shots as part of your photo list.

Photography Paula Scalco and Planners My Dubai Wedding

5. Keep it simple

With weddings, there’s a lot of information to share with your guests and you may be eager to provide as much detail as possible with your invitations. But, to start off with, we would suggest you keep it simple and be selective. Strip the text back to the main details, your names, the date, the time and the venue. Then, if there’s any extra information you simply can’t leave out, look at interesting ways to incorporate them into your invitation suite – such as by adding an extra details card, a fold-out map, or a registry card with your wedding website details. The most important thing is that the additional information works as part of a suite.

Photography Paula Scalco and Planners My Dubai Wedding

6. Ask for a sample

You’re probably spending a lot of money on your wedding stationery, so it would be a shame to open the envelopes up and find a dreaded typo or realise that you don’t like the quality of the paper. To avoid this, ask your stationer for a sample. In most cases, they will be able to provide you with at least a digitally printed version or else previous examples using your chosen materials. Once you have this, check that you’re happy with the overall size and look of the design, make sure the size of the text is big enough (you want it to be easily readable) and, most importantly, check and check again for spelling errors!


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7. Get connected

Get the best out of your wedding vendors by allowing them to work side by side. There are many fabulous vendors offering a dizzying array of options for your wedding, so save yourself time and stress by connecting them and allowing them to work with each other directly to get the best results. This will give you peace of mind and allow your stationer to make the most of your stationery, aligning it with your other wedding day items such as your table plan, table numbers, and favours.

Photography Paula Scalco and Planners My Dubai Wedding

8. Have fun!

We’ve saved this until last because, well, it’s the most important point – remember to have fun! Much of wedding planning can be stressful, but stationery is an expression of you as a couple. This is the part where you get to be creative! Don’t feel you have to conform to traditions; make your stationery work for you and your wedding. If you’ve got an idea, go for it! Whether that’s forgoing a paper save-the-date or invitation for an electronic version, or thinking outside the box and printing on wood or acrylic – there’s no wrong decision. Talk through your ideas with your stationer and they will be able to come up with a solution that’s perfect for you.

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All the beautiful stationery photographed above was created by Love By Design.  To find out more about what they can do for you pop over to their profile page now.


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