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Walking brides to your door... To enquire about advertising with the UAE’s most exciting wedding marketing business, contact  the weddingsonline team on details below or email

Not only can we give you exposure to brides in the UAE, our exciting sites in Ireland, the UK and India offer truly global exposure.

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Nikki Rutherford

General Manager, Dubai

+971 (50) 351 0427  

Joanna Maynard

Account Manager, Abu Dhabi

+971 (50) 636 5049

Emer O'Kelly

Account Manager, Dubai
+971 (52) 402 5070

What our happy clients say....

"weddingsonline has been a great portal for Dees Boutique. Friendly helpful staff members readily available to assist with the needs of a small growing business.

Lots of great information and competitions for the Bride-to-Be in the Middle East.

Looking forward to continued leads and collaborations with"

Denise Sadler, Dees Boutique

“Over the course of business relationship with weddingsonline,

Fairmont The Palm has been always met with excellent customer

service. Their focused and result-driven team assisted greatly in

generating leads and increasing the overall traffic to the resort. I

would highly recommend weddingsonline as the go-to platform

for wedding marketing.”

Julia Dziakhtsiar, Fairmont The Palm

weddingsonline are a great growing platform for interaction with clients

and obtaining some fresh database for your company. The team is ready to

support our tiny business by any means, whether it is generating the leads,

or organizing a competition. The impact of the events they organize for the

wedding industry here in the UAE is vivid and hopefully they won’t stop,

as it gives all of us a great push and also serves as a perfect socializing

platform for the business representatives. I’m sure that together we will

create a great collaboration for the brides-to-be of the Middle East.”

Katerina K, Vanila Boutique 

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