6 Steps To Planning The Best Honeymoon Ever!

Dubai couple honeymooning in India

In the afterglow of your wedding ceremony, your honeymoon should be the best trip you take as a married couple. Today we share the 6 steps every couple should take in order to plan the best honeymoon ever…

Step 1: Decide your budget and where you want to go (8-10 months before the wedding)

To ensure that either of you gets what you want, it’s important to manage desires and expectations. To start things going, discuss the following factors:

  • Where – The beach, mountains, an exotic destination, a hiking tour, a quiet romantic getaway, or a mix of everything?
  • How much time – For how long can you get away from work? Does a relaxing sojourn in the deserts of Rajasthan for 4 days, for example, sound better than an adventurous hiking tour of 7 days in the jungles of Maui? Time limitations are of the essence when planning this trip, so that each of you is happy and relaxed and aren’t worrying about checking your work email.
  • How much money? – How much can you spend on the total honeymoon package including the food, shopping, air tickets, taxi fares etc? Knowing WHAT you can spend allows you to decide on the HOW-To of spending.

plan the best honeymoon ever

Step 2:  Do your homework (6-8 months before the wedding)

Once you’ve decided on the time, the location and the money you can spend, you need to start researching possible honeymoon locations. You might want to consider the following factors when pinning down that dream location:

  • Travel related: Political and climatic conditions, extended travel times, land transfer, altitude restrictions, etc are of primary importance here. Are you willing to spend 2 or more days travelling? Or would you rather spend that travel time lounging on a beach that is 500km closer to home? Other than political considerations, you might want to also account for cultural differences, language issues, food availability etc.
  • Documents – Is your passport in order? Do you need a visa for that location? Do you need immunizations or health checkups for travelling to the country?

Step 3: Get Things Done! (3-6 months before the wedding)

If needed, visit a travel agent as they can get you good deals on air fares, hotels and trains etc. and can even inform you about local events, shopping and other things that can make your honeymoon memorable. You must also consider buying travel insurance to cover unforeseen eventualities that might arise while you’re away.

Step 4: Packing checklist (2-3 months before the wedding)

We have your honeymoon packing checklist sorted – see it here! You will be super busy as the wedding day approaches, so make sure you start shopping and getting everything ready for your honeymoon in the month leading up to the wedding.

honeymoon packing checklist

Step 5: Confirm, confirm, confirm! (2-3 weeks before the weddings)

Call the hotels and/or travel agent to confirm all the bookings. Print and share your itinerary with close family members/friends. Have everything ready to go especially the documents you will need for travelling to the honeymoon venue.

Step 6: Time to leave!

Make sure you don’t leave for the honeymoon the day after the wedding as you’ll be exhausted. Give yourselves some time to relax and recover from the hectic wedding day. Once you have rested up for a bit, it will be time to leave everything behind and enjoy your first vacation as newly-weds! Try out new things and experiences and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to create lasting memories of your romantic getaway!

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