4 Reasons Why Weddings Don’t Go According To Plan

You’ve probably heard this story before – the best wedding planner was hired, a fat bill was paid, the bride was wearing her designer gown and yet it wasn’t the dream wedding the newlywed couple had hoped for. So what went wrong? You’d be surprised to learn that there are many key reasons why even the best planned weddings fall apart on the lead up to the Big Day. Here’s how to avoid the same thing happening to you on your special day…

1. Handing our guest invitations to just about any acquaintance of yours

When you say your vows, you should be surrounded by people who genuinely wish you well and who want to share your happiness with you so don’t invite anyone who is sure to put a dampener on your day. Inviting people just for the sake of it or as seat fillers might mean you can’t relax as much as you normally would with just your closest family and friends.

2. Including not-so-important-factors in your wedding budget

Ask any bride who has planned her own wedding and she’ll tell you that it’s wise to allocate an extra 10% of the total wedding budget for unforeseen expenses that could crop up later. However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend the little extra on feel good factors that you can actually do without. Plenty of brides waste money on getting imported flowers with the perfect tinge of purple which matches the bridesmaids’ dresses but the fact of the matter is that your guests will remember your wedding for all the other details like the food, the wedding toasts and even how happy you looked on the day. The last thing you want is to be in debt for years to come.

3. Lack of planning

The day before the wedding should be spent relaxing and looking forward to the following day’s celebrations, not stressing over tying the ribbons on the favours or making confetti cones. A trusty wedding check list will come in handy at every stage of your planing, reminding you what to do and when. If you get to a stage where you repeatedly haven’t crossed it off your list, ask yourself do you really need it? Don’t leave things that are important to you until the last minute – you want to look fresh and feel amazing on your Big Day and don’t need planning stresses bringing you down.

4. Making last minute arrangements on your wedding day

The one thing a bride shouldn’t be doing on her wedding day is dealing with vendors and trying to find solutions to issues that have suddenly come up. As a bride, you have every right to take the time to be the star of the ceremony without worrying about whether the caterers will serve food on time or if the wedding cake has arrived. However, last minute delays and issues do arise so be sure to delegate any last minute decision making to a family member who has been involved in the wedding prep. This way you can get on with the day worry free!

Photo by Kat Mervyn Photography

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