5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

When it comes to picking out a wedding cake, it can be difficult to settle on one perfect design between flavours, finishes, the number of tiers and of course changing trends. Here are our top 5 tips on how to choose the perfect wedding cake…

1. Do your research. Look on Pinterest and wedding blogs to see what style of cakes your drawn to. Think about how many tiers you want, how many people you need to feed, what kind of flavours you like and the style of design you’re after whether you want a simple but yummy ‘Naked cake’ or an iced white 5-tier creation.

2. Choose a bakery or a cake expert who has ample experience in designing and baking wedding cakes. A good place to start would be to read actual feedback and comments from previous brides and grooms. And don’t leave it too late, your search for a good wedding cake specialist should ideally begin at least 3 months before the Big Day.


Photo by Mary Otanez Photography via Tidewater & Tulle

3. Visit the cake shop or bakery in person. Communicating by phone or email may be very convenient but if you want the wedding cake to be nothing short of perfect, then you need to put across your ideas to the baker who is actually going to work on it. Bring a few printouts of cake images you like to show your baker.

Wedding cake suppliers Dubai

Wedding Cake by Delecto 

4. A cake tasting is a must and don’t hesitate to try unusual flavours either! If you’re not mad on a particular flavour, ask for other options. You deserve to have a yummy wedding cake and being honest about a sampling session is better than putting up with muted complaints from guests later on.

White wedding cake

Wedding Cake by The Abigail Bloom Cake Company

5. Naked cakes (are still in), geode cakes and even single tiered cakes are quite popular choices at the moment or if you’re after something a little bit different then say yes to other yummy wedding alternatives like mini designer cupcakes, a macaron stand or even a wall made from doughnuts. This way your guests will enjoy a sweet treat and you get to play around with multiple flavours at the same time.

If you’re looking for more ‘sweet’ inspiration, visit our popular cake suppliers here.

Cake in Main photo by Royal Catering

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