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When it comes to choosing a wedding cake, it can be really tricky to decide exactly what you may like.  There are so many different mouth-watering flavours, finishes and styles to think about – do you want traditional or modern, fondant or butter cream, round or square, 3 tiers or 4?! 

You may also want to make sure that your cake, not only matches the style and theme of your wedding, but that it’s a true reflection of you as a couple.  Today we find out more about Mister Baker the wedding cake guru and the inside knowledge on what they do, some handy cake tips and what’s on trend!

Let’s hand over to the team at Mister Baker who have all the answers…

The Mister Baker company is quintessentially the master of sweet delights; we serves cakes, sweets and desserts across the United Arab Emirates.  Our baking repertoire includes birthday cakes, pastries, cup cakes, desserts and of course weddings cakes.  The cutting of a wedding cake is incredibly symbolic and pronounces the start of a journey as a newly married couple and Mister Baker loves to be at heart of that celebration!

Do you do all the baking and decorating yourself?

Yes, each cake is handcrafted by our chef artists. We have a large team of around 70 chefs, many of whom work together in our large production facility, creating the full range of cakes that you see in our stores across the UAE.  Additionally, we have a separate and hugely talented team that specializes in decorated custom cakes.

What are the current trends in wedding cakes – have we seen a move away from the traditional tiered wedding cake?

The Naked Cake is on trend and is just as its name suggests, without the classic icing and fondant that we are used to seeing on a wedding cake. It’s a natural approach to the cake where you see elements of its ingredients on the outside. They tend to be topped with flowers or fresh fruit to create a ‘less is more’ effect on this delicately assembled cake.

The Rustic wedding cake is also in high demand. They are similar to the Naked Cake with its natural and organic aesthetic. You see the varied textures that the spatula creates on the outside of the cake which really reminds you that this cake was made for you by hand. Each one is special and uniquely marked with the stroke of the chef who created it. Again, these are often decorated with fresh flowers.

Some couples are opting for lots of cupcakes instead of the tradition large centrepiece. The advantage here is that it is easy to serve and individually portioned, so all your guests can enjoy their own portioned bite.  Integrating the cupcakes in a grand display, with its own fancies and frills, is an equally awe-inspiring element. Dark coloured wedding cakes (it seems that colour palettes are getting a little darker) for example black wedding cakes are having a real moment right now.

The wedding cake has evolved in such a way that couples can show off their personalities with varied colours, accents, textures and a whole range of interesting design elements.  Water colour and organic flower arrangements are setting new trends in the wedding cake market.

What’s the most popular flavour of wedding cake at the moment? 

There are so many gorgeous flavours to choose from, for example Red Velvet with cream cheese or Pistachio Velvet with cream cheese.  At the moment couples prefer flavours that are light, fruity and delicate.

What’s been your favourite wedding cake that you have made in the last 12 months? 

We made a large, elegant 5 tier wedding cake of 50 Kg in 2017 for a socialite’s daughter’s marriage, that was very exciting!

How far in advance should a bride order her cake?

We recommend at least 2 weeks, however as we have a large in-house team, we can turn around any custom request in 3 days. That said, it’s best to start tasting and finalizing your design preferences about 2 weeks ahead of your big day.

What are the top questions every bride should ask her wedding cake maker?

  1. How long does it take to finish making the required wedding cake?
  2. How many people does it serve?
  3. Does it bleed any colour in the mouth? (Darker colours tend to stain the teeth. So, for the bride’s sake we suggest that if you are going to go for darker colours, this should be limited to the fondant decoration and not the actual sponge on the inside)
  4. How is the rate of the cake decided? Is it the complexity of design, or the weight, the number of tiers, flavours chosen or the extend of decoration?
  5. How long can the cake remain at room temperature without affecting its texture?
  6. Can I keep the top tier preserved to eat on the first wedding anniversary?  If so, then how. Which flavour lasts longer? (Most cakes can be frozen and kept in the freezer however we don’t recommend keeping it in the freezer for an entire year but about 1 month is probably safe)
  7. Where is the best place on a cake for the bride and groom to cut the first slice?

If you want to find out more about all the delicious cakes from Mister Baker, visit their profile page , or give them a call on 056 400 5241.

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