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Asking those special words – ‘Will You Marry Me’ is something you’ll always remember whether it happened while the two of you were curled up on the couch, or you were in the midst of a romantic getaway somewhere special. Obviously the holiday season is always a gorgeous time to propose, (as you’re more than likely off from work and you’re spending quality time with family – so it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate some more) but there are lots of other fun times of year to pop the question such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Whether it’s a meal at home or in a restaurant or using food or cute props to pop the question, there are lots of ways to surprise your sweetie. Before we win you over with some seriously sweet proposals, we’ve rounded up a few interesting stats from surveys, that may well help you narrow down just how you want to pop the question to that special person!

  1. The ‘What’s On A Bride’s Mind?’ A survey by David’s Bridal showed that 80% brides scoffed at proposals made over Facebook and other social media. Nearly 57% brides were uncomfortable with a Flash Mob Proposal
  2. 19% of brides-to-be were dissatisfied with the size of the stone and wanted a larger one (hint hint)
  3. A 2011 survey by The Knot found that 26 (out of every 100) women were unhappy with the way they were proposed. (try to get an insight before popping the question)
  4. The Best Day to Propose Survey by this website in the UK shows that 32% felt that Christmas Eve was the best day to propose, followed by Valentine’s Day (30%), New Year’s Eve (9%) and Boxing Day (4%).

So now on to the good stuff – here’s 6 festive marriage proposals to wow your other half with!

1. Proposing during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about food and what better to way to propose during this Holiday than using food? There are literally hundreds of places you can hide the ring in (but guys, avoid the turkey – we don’t want any accidents!) Some cute places are the dessert or the glass of champers or any sparkly, clear drink. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all the good things in life so you could use your speech to shower your sweetie with lovely sentiments, finishing it off with a beautiful bit of sparkle!

2. Proposing during Halloween

romantic festive proposal idea

How cute is this?! If you’re good at carving pumpkins, use a couple of them to carve those four precious words – Will You Marry Me? Light them up with candles so the message is loud and clear for your Halloween loving hubby or wife-to-be!

3. Proposing during Valentine’s Day

What better festival than the Day of Love to propose? If you’re after a simple and sweet way to propose, give your partner 3 roses – each one representing the Past, Present and Future – BUT tie the ring to the stem of the third one and use it to pop the question. If you’re not a fan of roses, fear not, there are lots of other cute ideas for a bit of Valentine romance – hide messages or cards, each with a memory of your time together written down on one. Make sure, he or she finds the cards in the most unexpected places such as tucked away in their wallet, peeking out of a glove, hanging from the mirror etc… and finally finish the little treasure hunt off off by producing one big Valentine’s Day card or message with those four little words on it!

4. Proposing during Christmas

romantic festive proposal idea

There are so many sweet ideas for a festive proposal! We love the idea of putting the ring in an ornament or hanging the ring itself from a piece of string and popping it on the tree. If your partner loves Santa, you could always dress up as the Big Man himself and go down on one knee and pop the question. If you’re looking for the surprise factor, give him or her a custom made T-shirt as a Christmas gift, saying “Future Mr or  Mrs” – and just watch the reaction on their face!  We also love the idea of arranging the Christmas lights or candles to spell out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ When your OH arrives ask them to turn them on – it will be magical!

5. Proposing during Diwali-The Festival of lights

This one is simple – just use the Diyas (or tea lights) to spell out your marriage proposal or even the Rangoli to pop the question (and show your artistic talents)!

romantic festive proposal idea

6. And more around the world!

There are lots of other festivals and holidays you can propose on such as Ramadaan (make sure to ask the girl’s waali or guardian for her hand in marriage beforehand and do a bit of research when it comes to dates that are good and those that aren’t), Chinese New Year (use a romantic Chinese Dinner and Fortune Cookies to hide the ring!) or New Years’ Eve – it’s an excellent time of year to start your life together and what could be better than a proposal at the stroke of Midnight?! There is no right or wrong way to propose but our advice is to think personal. Good Luck!

Main Images: Her Campus | Cup via Etsy | sassychicagowedding.com | the proposers.co.uk

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