“Capturing the Essence” | A Q&A with Wedding Photographer Urvashi Singh Thakur of Fables and Hues

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been fascinated by cameras & photographs since I was a child. In 2012 I attended the wedding of a family friend and shot some interesting frames which their photographer had not taken…I knew then that this was my calling! It’s a decade now since this enriching foray into Wedding Photography began for me.

Have you always worked independently?

My journey, like many, started with rejections. No one wanted a fresher, not even as an Intern to gain minimal experience. Back then female Indian Wedding Photographers were few and far between and in Dubai I was the first! I researched and found a mentor in New Delhi, India. I packed my bags and left for an adventure.

With shooting weddings across the expansive terrain of India, I have had the opportunity to shoot over 100 weddings ranging from simple regional weddings in remote towns to fabulous Royal and Celebrity weddings. In 2018, I took the leap of faith and registered Fables and Hues in UAE and since then I have met the most amazing clients.

From an intimate wedding in Seychelles to being the First Photographer to shoot an Engagement proposal at Ain Dubai, we created moments with our clients and continue to strive for many more.

Can you describe your photography style and/or speciality?

Photography is an art. I love emotive portraits and capturing those priceless expressions and special emotions that appear as fleeting moments.

What do you love most about what you do?

The quote I often reiterate is “Let’s Live Memories”. Through my camera I am able to do that. Around the world the wedding day is considered to be the most important day & I get to be a part of so many people’s lives and share their intimate moments. It is humbling when someone puts their trust and faith in me and my team to capture most sensitively their most precious day(s) exactly as they have always imagined it to be.

A fond memory for me is when a client called me after she saw her pictures and said, “thank you for capturing our essence. We have had so many photoshoots but this is the first time our relationship has truly been captured”. It is moments like this that make me love the craft.

Which moment do you most enjoy capturing?

There are so many! The beauty of wedding photography is that I get to experience and capture an array of emotions. From shy glances and soft smiles, to hidden tears and a complete gush of emotions, there is so much that goes on simultaneously. Weddings arouse tender emotions and those warm my heart the most.

What do you wish couples understood about what you do?

I love this question! I wish couples would consider photography as an essential part of their wedding memories. The photos and videos encapsulate moments they experienced personally, as well as moments which they miss out on. Covering a wedding requires skill, sensitivity towards the delicate situations and emotions, constant alertness, multi-tasking abilities, gentleness, patience and above all, a lot of coordination and teamwork. It requires detailing and we spend time with the clients to understand their vision, their mindset, their plans and endeavour to capture the events in the same way.

Curating the videos takes time and data size plays a role too. To give you an idea for video editing, it could take a full day to produce 1 minute of content! At Fables and Hues we like to sit with the clients, understand how they envision their day and how they would like to see the film first and later we add our secret add-ons to create glittering magical results.

What questions do you recommend a bride and groom ask their photographer before booking them?

A few things are very important. Firstly please keep in mind that no two weddings are the same. Secondly, always have references and find a photographer who matches your style. Thirdly, it is not about their social media presence, if their work resonates with you go ahead and always ask them the following questions:

  1. Is my Wedding Date(s) available?
  2. State your budget and let them know your requirements and ask if they can match your budget.
  3. Based on my requirement (photography & videography Services/Drone) what is the team strength?
  4. How many hours are included in the chosen package?
  5. What is the booking amount and is Travel/Accommodation included in their cost if it is an outstations/intercity/Destination wedding.
  6. What is the Delivery Time for the photos & videos and what is the mode of delivery?
  7. Will you share RAW Data ?
  8. What is the refund policy if there is a date change/cancellation or destination change?
  9. What is the copyright policy?
  10. If I want my photos to be shared on social media can you help with that?
Wedding Photography is changing at a massive pace with social media, what is your take on this?

Yes, wedding photography is changing by the day and it gets more challenging keeping up with technology. As much as I love social media, I find myself explaining to clients that the current trending applications won’t be there forever but their photos and videos will. Recently, I had a client who said, “I don’t need your camera, just take pictures from my phone and make Reels”. It took me a moment & then I asked her, “what if tomorrow the application is not there?!”

My sincere advice to all the couples out there is to please let some things follow the traditional path. In fact, in our wedding packages we send out 15-20 pictures with 48-72 hours for clients to share on Social Media and with Friends/Family. Some clients request for “Instagram films” which are discussed prior to the shoot so we can shoot accordingly.

How should a couple go about booking you to shoot their wedding?

Booking a wedding with Fables and Hues is simple, give them a call or WhatsApp on +971 58 674 4557 or email them at urvashi@fablesandhues.com. You can also DM them on Instagram @fablesandhues to book, or check their website (www.fablesandhues.com) to send a query.

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