It Takes Two to Tango! | Make your First Dance one to Remember with the help of Dance Studios Dubai

So, the wedding ceremony has gone perfectly, your guests have wiped their tears of joy, enjoyed a delicious meal, and chuckled at heartfelt speeches…and now’s the time…that all-important first dance!

It’s the one aspect of the wedding we know a lot of couples get very anxious about. If you have had no formal dance experience then getting up in front of a room full of your friends and family can be very daunting indeed, especially given its’ importance. Because of this, more and more couples these days are choosing to take dance lessons before the “big day”, so that not only will they feel less nervous about the first dance, but also to give an added dimension of entertainment to the evening, as well as being a great activity for you to share together on the lead up to your special day.

One dance studio specialising in these kinds of lessons is Dance Studios Dubai, so this week we caught up with their studio manager Sabrine, to learn more…

What is your role at Dance Studios Dubai?

My name is Sabrine Abu Sabaa, I’m the manager of Dance Studios Dubai and I’m also a Pro-Am dancer (Pro-Am is short for Professional-Amateur, and it’s the combo of a professional (Pro) and an amateur (Am) dance pair, to form a dance couple and participate together in dance competitions. Unlike regular dance competitions, half the partnership here is the professional who teaches, coaches, and partners the amateur half. Think of “Dancing with the stars” and you will get the idea!

Where in Dubai is your dance studio based?

Dance Studios Dubai is located in a very convenient area, in JLT, with two beautiful modern dance halls and all the necessary amenities.

What dances do you specialise in?

We are specialized in ballroom dance both Latin and standard. In Latin, we teach 5 dances which are Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, and Paso Doble. In Standard, we teach Waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, and the Quickstep. We also teach social dance such as Salsa, Bachata, Argentinian Tango, Disco, Kizomba.

How long have you been teaching couples in the UAE?

Dance Studios Dubai, is one of the oldest ballroom dance schools in UAE, and it was established back in 2011. Dance Studios Dubai was founded by professional dancers whose aim was and still is to promote a community of ballroom dancers in UAE where this form of art is still emerging. Up to this date, we have gladly enrolled and taught 3000+ students, both adults and kids, and have worked with more than 200 wedding couples to prepare for their first dance.

We have different dance programs which have been carefully designed to make sure learning how to dance is both easy and fun.

Our professional dance instructors have many years of teaching experience and have worked with both beginners as well as advanced dancers.

What are the most common dance styles couples in the UAE choose to learn?

This depends on their goal, some couples come to us just to prepare for their wedding, other couples join our school to learn and share this hobby together.

It’s very hard to answer this question because all couples are different, some like fun, upbeat, energetic dances. Some prefer elegant, classy, and smooth dances. It’s always best to choose a style which suits your personality and you as a couple.

Are the classes private?

We offer both private and group classes, but most of our couples prefer to take private classes, first because they have the full dedication of their professional instructors, second because they have more flexibility in scheduling, and finally because our team will follow the couple’s own pace in learning making sure they understand and master each dance step.

What are the benefits of couples taking dance lessons together before their big day?

Simply because they only get one first dance, so it’s important to make it special and memorable.

At Dance Studios Dubai, we don’t just create a dance routine for the couple and teach them the steps but we make it personalized and unique for each couple, based on their wedding theme, the song they’ve chosen, and the story they want to tell their wedding guests. These lessons won’t just teach them a specific dance but it is also a fun and interesting experience and the perfect quality time to share as a couple, and who knows, they might fall in love with this art, and never stop learning it.

We have many couples who came to prepare for their wedding and are still with us to date.

How soon before the wedding date do you recommend couples to start taking lessons?

Again this depends on many factors such as the duration of the song they’ve chosen, what dance style they are interested in, their learning abilities. Ultimately we recommend, couples start a minimum of 3 months before their wedding day, so they have enough time and they wouldn’t be stressed right before their wedding day with so many items already on their checklist

How many lessons does it usually take for a couple to perfect their first dance?

This all depends on the couple themselves, and how they want their wedding dance to look at the end. Some couples want to merge two dance styles, some want even to include their groomsmen and bridesmaids.

We customize our wedding packages according to all these factors for each wedding couple.

For couples reading this who would like to know more about your classes and how it would work for them, what is their next step?

Their next step is to give us a call and schedule an introductory class. This introductory class lasts for 45 mins and during which, we will walk them through the whole process, discuss all the details and create the dance program and schedule which is most convenient to them. Whether they have already decided on the song, the dance style or not, makes no difference, we can help with everything.

To book your introductory class, visit their profile page or call them on +971 4 457 9228.

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