Spotlight on White Almonds: The UAE’s Luxury Bridal Service

If you’re looking for a one of a kind gift registry and a wonderful personalised service, say hello to White Almonds.

Gift lists are supposed to be a lovely thing, but it’s so often the case that they’re the things so many brides fret about, for so many reasons too. Whether it’s because they feel guilty for asking guests for anything at all, don’t actually know what it is that they want or need, or just don’t know how to go about setting one up at all, there’s often something…which is why White Almonds is such a tremendous blessing.



The first luxury bridal service of its kind in the UAE, focusing on beautiful gifting, the team at White Almonds offer a highly personalised experience, with their bridal consultants helping you and your partner to create your very own wish list or gift registry for your special day. They’ll also be on hand to offer advice on any other bridal related queries you may have – which as any bride-to-be knows, will be lots.



At White Almonds your experience is made even more special and stress free, as you will have a highly professional wedding consultant dedicated just to you. Whenever you need them they’re there for you – you even have a whatsapp number dedicated just to you, so if you suddenly think of something in the middle of the night, you can message away!

And if you’re confused about what you would actually like as a gift or on your registry, you won’t be. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the great array of bridal gifts available at White Almonds. There are new collections, plus a wide selection of more unique and customised designs to fit perfectly in any home. Think custom designed vases and tea sets, home essentials, electronics, art, wedding favours and exciting travel destinations.


If you’ve said yes to the big question, it’s time to gather your friends, create your wedding registry and celebrate this special time!

For more info or to register, visit White Almonds here!

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