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Nurai Island is a little piece of paradise that can be described as one of the World’s (not just the UAE’s!) most incredible luxury island resorts.  It’s situated in the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf just off the Abu Dhabi coastline and has stunning uninterrupted views.  The island is an all villa hotel with five bespoke food and beverage outlets.  It has a number of indoor and outdoor areas for weddings all of which are simply out of this world!

We were delighted to catch up with the lovely Evelyn from Nurai Island to give us more insight into this breathtaking wedding venue…

Tell our brides-to-be a bit more about Nurai Island?

Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi is a unique private island for all sorts of events that are looking to unleash and discover the possibilities of creative occasions.  At the same time, the island atmosphere and the various venues have the ability to create the most magical sceneries for milestones and significant moments in life such as weddings.

What venues do you have on the Island for weddings?

There is no limit to what can be considered a venue at Nurai.  However, for the start the island has several spaces that can awake and tap into diverse senses of each person. For instance, Hooked is a venue that has a charm of a Mediterranean flair with a stunning view to the turquoise sea and with a touch of rustic style that hanging bulbs and the design creates. If you are a couple that want the island experience with an impression of effortless décor and lighting the existing set up of Hooked already offers that coastal décor and needs only a few final touches that will make the wedding feel more personalized.

Next would be our Water Villa (up to 60 maximum 70 guests) and Estate Villa (up to 200 guests), both have the intention to bring together the luxurious and minimalistic approach to setup and enable guests to get relaxed and understand the importance of life priorities. If you are a couple looking for more than unconventional this venue will allow you and your selected wedding planner to break down the borders of imagination.

One of the most exclusive and astonishing ways to celebrate such an occasion as Weddings is to take the entire Island exclusively, where you can plan several events in different locations with different themes and create a true celebration of love.

How long is the boat journey and can you provide additional boats for the weddings guests?

It is a short boat drive of twelve minutes. Depending on the number of your guests, we can provide additional boats – we already did events for up to 300 guests with our boats.

How many weddings have you held in the last year and which were your most memorable?

We had six weddings in the past year.  I remember each couple, all had very different weddings in terms of the style and atmosphere from a chic minimalistic through Boho and exclusive club vibes to a traditional wedding with tons of floral décor.

How do you help a couple create a perfect wedding?

Jenny Kanavos, Director of Sales, and I have been on the island for more than two and a half years, we really know the island well at this point. We guide the couples on the discussed ideas and explain the feasibility of what the couples have in mind to achieve and help them to establish a flow of events, where they allow the guests experience the island bit by bit and throughout the evening discover several sanctuaries on the island.

What is your chef’s specialty for weddings catering?

We are very lucky to have Chef Marc Abed on board with us – he is truly a creative spirit who created a strong team of different nationalities that love and handle different types of cuisines.  Moreover, Marc goes every year to a different country for a month or more and through understanding the culture and the culinary background he perfects his technique and brings back new recipes for your guests and his specialty is knowing what the couple desires and then cater exactly to that with his luscious dishes.

For those who would like a large but private wedding do you offer a full Island buy out?

Yes, it is an experience that takes our couples from knowing what is exclusive to having something exclusive entirely to them, family and friends.

What additional wedding services do you offer?

Firstly, a couple that books with us will get to spend a night in one of our Beach Villas. Secondly, one of my favorites is the private food tasting with our Chef for up to 4 guests. In addition, we also offer a standard set up, which includes roundtables with white table cloth and fantastic matching chiavary ghost chairs. Furthermore, we worked with dozens of great suppliers that we are happy to suggest, although at the same time we do not obligate anyone to work with our preferred suppliers.

To find out more pop over to their profile page or email Evelyn at

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