10 Creative Wedding Favour Ideas

10 creative wedding favour ideas

Wedding favours are an old and cute tradition – the idea is that they’re a token of appreciation towards guests who attend your wedding. Naturally, doling out standard wedding favours could be a hit or a miss in that most guests might not stand the sight of the same old, same old. But fear not, there are lots of crafty and creative favours out there that your guests will just adore – we’ve rounded up 10 top ideas below…

Top tips for selecting perfect wedding favours

  1. Get in touch with recently married friends for ideas. You could also contact event planners to get new and unique wedding favour ideas
  2. If you are on a strict budget, you could browse through online resources for reasonably priced items
  3. Don’t forget to brainstorm with family members for creative wedding favours
  1. Elegant Chocolate favours

The world loves chocolate, and so will your wedding guests.

chocolate wedding favour ideas

  1. Good Luck Favours

Bamboo favours are unique and also considered a symbol of Good Luck in many cultures. If you’re seeking a stylish yet symbolic wedding favour, go for beautiful ceramic pots with a single bamboo stick or multiple ones that can be arranged in a myriad ways.

wedding favour to symbolize Good Luck

  1. Coasters

You could leave personalized frosted coasters with your photos, wedding date and a Thank You message for guests on each table. Guests will love the practicality of this favour since they can always reuse them as picture frames, or place cardholders.

Coasters as wedding favour ideas

  1. CDs

Another memorable wedding takeaway gift is a personalized CD with a collection of songs on it. These could include all-time hits, your first wedding dance song or even songs you and your sweetie love. Add a personal touch by putting your photo and stamping your wedding date on the CD covers.

Personalized CDs-unique wedding favour ideas

  1. Spring wedding favour ideas

What better gift than seeds to give away at your spring wedding? We love the idea of giving guests a beautiful bag with seeds tied using a ribbon in the wedding colours of your choice, a gorgeous reminder of the Big Day.

seeds-unique and practical wedding favour ideas

  1. Speciality teas, coffees and cocoas

Cookies, candies and chocolates are some of the more common edible wedding favour ideas. But don’t stop there, you could gift specialty teas, coffees, and cocoas having personalized poems or messages, or simply your names and wedding dates on the packages. Sites like Etsy also sell personalized coffee bean bags which we promise your guests will love.

edible wedding favour ideas

  1. Some other edible wedding favours

Apart from personalized tea and coffee packets, why not treat your guests to other edible favourites like jam jars, small honey bottles or even S’mores kits? Have the jars personalized with your names and wedding date.

honey jars as wedding favours Dubai

  1. Summer special sunglasses

Get cool wedding snaps by having all your wedding guests wear sunglasses that were given out as favours. You can buy these at discount stores so that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

sunglasses-unique and fun wedding favour ideas

  1. Lego

Bring out your geeky side by giving out small Lego men and women- your guests will be delighted by these, we promise!

wedding favours creative and unique

10. Macaroon Trinket boxes

Who wouldn’t love these pastel coloured darlings?  For close friends and relatives, you could even add small trinkets like earrings etc in these.

pastel macaroon boxes as wedding favour ideas

Featured image: Aghareed wedding favours Dubai

Other images: Macaroons- Tomkatstudio | Chocolates: SoBelle | Coffee bag- Etsy | Bamboo- Wedding-splendor | Coasters- Beau-Coop | Lego- UK wedding favours | Honey jars-via Bridal Guide | Sunglasses- Southboundbride

Call or contact wedding gift shops listed here for some other creative wedding favour ideas for your wedding day!

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