8 Great Ways To Involve Dad In Your Wedding

Steve Martin from the movie Father of the Bride was wrought with emotion when his daughter announces she’s getting married and he’s not the first dad to feel like this! A daughter’s wedding is a time of mixed emotions so it’s only right to involve dad in your wedding as much as you can. Here are 8 lovely things you can do…

Give him a gift to remember: A special time like your wedding calls for a special gift so think personal – a pair of monogrammed cufflinks, an engraved wrist watch, a collage of your pictures together from the time you were a baby or something that you know he has been planning to buy for the longest time. Get him something meaningful that will always remind him of this special time in your lives.

Let him know his opinion matters: We all know how great dads are at doling out advice so be sure to get his opinion during the planning. Pick his brain if you’re after a gift for your fiancé – sure, you know him better than your dad but your dad probably has some suggestions you never would have thought of. Your dad might have some great inputs when it comes to planning too – if you’ve run into a problem, talk to him; his solution might just turn out to be the one you didn’t think of and the one that’ll work best.

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Discuss his attire for the wedding: It’s fairly common for fathers to get their suits at the same place and sometimes even the same time as the groom and groomsmen. But it may not always be practically possible. Make sure to discuss your dad’s attire for the day of the wedding, let him know what the other wedding party men will be wearing and consider your options together. It might also be nice to accompany him to a fitting too – he’ll love the time he gets to spend with you.

Introduce him to your bridesmaids/groomsmen: Try to introduce him to the wedding party before the wedding rehearsal if you can so he feels comfortable around all your friends. While it’s likely your mom knows most of the gang, it will be nice for your dad to meet and bond with the others too.

Run through his speech: While the speeches made by the groom and best man are the most talked about, your dad is going to deliver one of his most emotional speeches on the day of your wedding. Talk to him about it and ease his nerves, he will definitely appreciate it.

Get his opinion especially on the Big Day: It’s a big day for your dad also, after all he gets to walk his little girl down the aisle! Ask him if he would like to do anything special before the wedding, maybe a picture of the two of you in a place that has fond memories or a few minutes alone with him. And make sure your photographer captures your dad’s expression when he first sees you in your bridal gown. This will be a priceless moment both of you will cherish forever.

Talk to him on the way to the venue: You’ll more than likely be travelling together to the ceremony so use this time to talk to each other. You may not get to spend much time together later so enjoy this special time.

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Pick his favourite song: The second song after the first dance is often saved for dad so pick a song you know he loves or that means something to you both. You could even get his input during the planning! This dance will always be one of the highlights of the day for your father so make it memorable. And if you intend to do a speech yourself, make sure to say something wonderful and heartfelt about your parents and thank them.

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