Ways To Involve Your Mother in Law In Your Wedding


Planning a wedding can be so much fun and it can be tedious too. Although you may have a good idea as to how you want things done, it can be nice to take feedback from both your mother and mother-in-law to be on the most important details to make them feel involved in the day and ensure you’re not putting anyone out! It’s easy to let your mother-in-law feel neglected during the wedding planning process, but letting her feel that her opinions matter says a lot about you as a person. You’ll win both her and her son over by making her feel involved in the wedding preparations in these 3 ways:

Most to-be brides take the opinions of their mothers and respective bridesmaids when it comes to things like where to buy the gown from, the right kind of shoes to wear and so on. If you plan to meet up with them for a coffee or are having them over to your place, ask your mother-in-law to be a part of the discussion too. This is the right time to make to-do lists and having another person in the group can be helpful especially if you miss out on something. Conversations over food tend to be the most memorable ones, so make sure you serve or order some!


It’s a good idea to ask your partner about his mother’s many talents and then to see if you put them to use in some way during the wedding planning. For example, your mother-in-law may be great at craft work and by asking her to create a few decorative pieces for the wedding, she is certain to feel appreciated and involved. On the other hand, if she is great at getting a good bargain on shopping trips, she is the ideal companion to have along when you do your wedding shopping. If her cakes are always raved about, consider asking her to bake and decorate the wedding cake. We bet she’d be thrilled.


Honouring your mother-in-law on your wedding day is a wonderful gesture to make and is undoubtedly a touching one. You could have a photograph of your partner’s parents taken on their wedding day in your bridal bouquet or even have a small collage made of wedding photographs taken from both sides of the family. Or why not discuss the idea of having a mother and son dance at the wedding and let your mother-in-law pick the song she would like to dance to? It doesn’t matter if either of them aren’t great dancers – it’s the thought and gesture that counts! Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to create some special memories together.

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