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You may already know that Vanila Wedding Boutique stock over 200 simply stunning wedding dresses starting from just AED 5,000, but did you know that they also stock a range of spectacular Cubic Zirconia wedding accessories from only AED 350?! From earrings to headpieces, they have it all, so let’s take a look at some of their pieces and find out why so many brides are choosing Cubic Zirconias over diamonds…

So Why Choose Cubic Zirconia Jewellery for Your Big Day?

1 . Cost! – When choosing CZ jewellery over diamonds you can expect a huge cost saving, especially when it comes to such dramatic pieces as these stocked at Vanila Wedding Boutique.

With the incredible advances in technology, Cubic Zirconias are a beautiful reality for celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Excellent savings mean the option to get a bigger stone than previously considered!

2. Quality – Cubic Zirconias are almost identical to diamonds in cut, colour, clarity and shape, and even jewelers will find it hard to tell them apart with the naked eye.

 “Dispersion” is how the stone breaks down light into a spectrum of colours, or in other words it tells us how sparkly the stone is. Diamonds with the dispersion rate of 0.044 have always been valued for their ability to play with the light. Cubic zirconia on the other hand has a higher level of dispersion, at 0.066 cubic zirconia have the so-called ‘rainbow effect’ when hit by light.

Better still, CZ jewellery is flawless and equivalent to Grade F on the diamond’s clarity chart, and unlike diamonds, there are no flaws and inclusions on Cubic Zirconia making its’ appearance completely brilliant!

3. Celebrity Endorsements – Many of the rich and famous such as Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton own and wear CZ jewellery on a regular basis. They are well-known for glamorous and lavish lifestyles and have become brand ambassadors of the latest trends in the fashion and jewellery industry, but they all have shown great love for the gems. You can also opt for faux-gems in designer settings in order to get the mesmerizing look without the expensive price tag and added risks!

4. Scratch Resistant – CZ stones are incredibly hard and durable, always a bonus when you run the risk of losing an earring while you’re dancing the night away!

5. So Many Styles! – These days you will find a whole array of styles and cuts to suit every bride, and with Cubic Zirconias being so cost effective, why not get a different pair of earrings to suit every wedding outfit?!

6. Ethical – While diamonds tend to be mined, all Cubic Zirconias are synthesized, or man-made, meaning they are always conflict-free, ethical and sustainable.

To make an appointment to find your dream wedding accessories at Vanila Wedding Boutique call +971 50 7785 8383 or go to the “book your appointment” block on their website.

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