How To Get Healthy For Your 2018 Wedding!

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2018 is here…and the countdown to your big day is creeping closer and closer!  Now that you’re sorting out the last few details, like deciding your first dance song and where to seat everyone – you’re most probably making the final push to ensure your wedding bod is on track to looking it’s very best.   So kick off 2018 by starting these healthy habits…


Get Active

2017 bride to be healthy habits

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Focus on getting active by joining a group workout session. May it be yoga, spinning or Zumba these are great ways to get motivated, get your heart rate going, whittle down that waistline and blow off any wedding stress steam!


Eat, Eat!

2017 Bride to be Healthy Habits

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Between handling RSVPs, dress fittings and all the other wedding craziness you’re dealing with on top of your everyday life. You must make sure your body has the fuel it needs!  Dairy, lean meats, fruits and veggies are what you should be filling up on.


Drink Up

2017 bride to be healthy habits

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We are speaking about good old H20! Make water your best friend and drink lots of it every day to get wedding ready.  Plenty of H20 helps flush out fats and keeps your metabolism working on high! This healthy habit will help to give you glowing skin and can prevent bloating.  Flat or sparkling? It doesn’t matter they will both keep you well hydrated.


Do Things That Relieve Stress

2017 bride to be healthy habits

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We totally understand that stress and anxiety build as you near your wedding day so how about get a massage, watch a totally hilarious movie that makes you giggle, chat with a friend or read a magazine. Do at least one of these things once a day to help you reach the big day more chilled and a lot happier!


Aim For Good Sleep

2017 bride to be healthy habits

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Seven hours of sleep is the ideal amount to make an impact on you.  It can influence your weight, your skin and mostly your mind. Add these healthy habits to your bedtime routine –

  • We know it is hard but switch the screens off (smartphones, laptops…) at least an hour before bed.
  • Ensure your room is quiet, cool and dark.
  • Try to hit the sack and wake up around the same time every day.


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