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This month’s wedding advice from guest blogger and local celebrant; Theresa Du Toit

Dear darling brides-to-be, this month I want to chat to you about the importance of having a wedding celebrant to conduct your fabulous wedding ceremony! For those of you not too familiar with the term Celebrant, let me put you in the picture, so you can get a better understanding of what a celebrant does, and why you need a wedding celebrant…

Traditionally, a wedding ceremony would have been conducted in a religious place of worship by a religious representative or maybe a civil setting with a registrar. These tend to be a rather formal and stiff affair, as it followed a certain procedure, and due to the setting, a certain decorum must be maintained, leaving not much wiggle room to have a very personalized ceremony.

Nowadays, and over the past few years, couples want to get married on a beach, in a garden, in the dessert, on a mountain, on a yacht, they want to get married in their favorite place. They want to choose the place for their fabulous ceremony, and they do not want to have a stiff and impersonal ceremony.

Enter: The Wedding Celebrant…ta-da! The amazing person that will create and conduct your fabulous wedding ceremony that you will remember for the rest of your life! And let me tell you, the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day, as this is when you share your love and vows in the presence of your loved ones. Couples also prefer to have the official paperwork done separately at the court, registrar or consulate, and then have their wedding celebration ceremony conducted by their celebrant with all their guests, much more fun this way!

FYI, a celebrant can be a lady or a gent, but for ease of reading, I’ll using the term “she”.

So, “what does a celebrant do?” you might ask…

Well, after you have appointed her, she will spend time with you both, to get to know you more personally, discuss your wedding ceremony, share ideas for your ceremony, assist you in recommending vendors should you require such as planners, photographers etc.

Your celebrant is a font of ideas and full of wisdom that you can lean on and draw from, as well as a great support to you. She will want to know your love story, how the proposal happened, which she will weave into their message, and create an amazing and fabulous personalized ceremony on the day!  

On your wedding day, your celebrant will create the impression that they have known the two of you for many years, as they creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and make everyone feel totally at home! Also, she will create a ceremony that reflects your personalities and love for each other.

And one more thing: with a celebrant conducting your fabulous ceremony there are no rules as to what you can or cannot do, how fab is that?! You have total freedom!

Now picture this: as you walk down the aisle to meet your prince, you see your smiling celebrant standing next to your handsome darling, and your heart is at peace, knowing the ceremony is going to be absolutely wonderful and full of love. She welcomes you as you join your sweetheart and gives you a big hug, and all your guests honor you with a round of applause. Your celebrant engages the guests in the ceremony, sharing your story and a message that makes your heart sing, lovingly leading you through the vows and the rings, and in the end introducing the two of you as Mr and Mrs!

THIS is why you need a fabulous celebrant to conduct your fabulous wedding ceremony!

The Love Queen, Theresa.

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