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Pre-wedding bridal photoshoots have certainly become a must have over the years for all brides. Today, Ruta Plummer, co-founder and senior photographer at Capture DXB, talks us through her stylised and dreamy bridal shoots, and what makes them so popular and fabulous!

How long have Capture DXB been photographing weddings in the UAE?

We have been in the UAE for over 8 years now, having previously been working 4 years in Europe. Having come from European weddings to the Middle East, I remember being stunned the first time I saw how it was done here – the luxurious style, the incredible creativity on the decorations, the theme, all the flowers, and of course our beautiful brides. Still to this day, it leaves me speechless!

What do you love most about what you do?

I absolutely love weddings and my camera of course! From the day a couple approaches us to the day we hand over the photos and footage. Every story is special and unique. I absolutely love spending time helping our couples in creating a mood board that suits their style, it gives me instant insight into who they are. I do believe that having great communication leading up to the wedding is really important. 

 Of course, I love the wedding day – seeing two people swear their love in front of their friends and family is very special, it still makes me cry every time, despite my efforts to hold it in. When it comes to photography, I love shooting bridal details. It’s always so unique to the couple, it shows a lot about their personalities, which I love analyzing. 

I have to say, my favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is hearing from the couple after they receive their photos, videos, and albums. I get butterflies waiting in anticipation to hear back as soon as everything has been sent to them, in the hopes they love it so much it makes them want to relive the whole day again and again! 

What makes you different from other wedding photographers in the UAE?

We capture the true essence of the wedding, the laughs, the tears, and the overwhelming joy of both you, and your loved ones. Our aim is to make the images we shoot as real as the moments themselves, keeping the photography natural, heartfelt, and unique. We strongly believe that meeting each other prior to the wedding day helps us make more personal, tailored photography, and films that represent you.

Tell us about your pre-wedding bridal shoot, what does it entail?

This year was a little bit different than any other year for all the world, not to exclude our beloved wedding industry, and unfortunately, many couples couldn’t get married as they had planned. However, we have been proactive and worked on new ways to still give these couples amazing memories to look back for many years. We have decided to introduce stylized photoshoots for couples looking their best, and produce some amazing, romantic, stylish photos to keep. Shoots are tailored for each couple, depending on what their vision is. We have great industry contacts who help out with themed decorations, props, hair, and makeup where necessary. Just let us know!

Why should I bride book a pre-wedding bridal shoot?

We highly believe that having a pre-wedding photoshoot is important, couples normally feel more relaxed on pre-wedding shoots than they are on their wedding day. This results in a calm, focused environment allowing more intimate moments for us to capture. We have found that establishing a relationship early with the couple makes for more natural photos on the wedding day as well. Sometimes wedding schedules don’t go quite as planned, leaving us with only a brief time to do couples/bridal photoshoots. Having a pre-wedding shoot already done, allows us to focus on key shots and use the time wisely on the day.

Can you tell us about the packages?

Our packages are tailored for every client depending on their requirements, generally, we offer 2-4 hour photoshoots depending on the nature of the shoot. We offer photoshoots outdoors, as well as in the comfort of your own home. We also offer a range of styles, from avant-garde studio requests to bohemian garden setups. You can tell us what you are dreaming of and we will make it happen!

How can a bride book her pre-wedding bridal shotoshoot?

The best way to reach us is on Instagram @weddings_capturedxb or sending an e-mail to . Also keep an eye for an offer coming up soon!

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