Important Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Photographer!

No doubt you’ll have put tons of effort, time and money into planning your Big Day so naturally, you’ll want every moment captured in your photo album. One of the most important tasks to tick off your to-do list early on is the photographer, after all your photos will last a life time and will remind you of the gorgeous occasion. So how do you choose ‘the one’? Whether you select a photographer registered on weddingsonline or use one a friend recommended; it is important that you do your homework and ask some very important questions…
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  1. Are you available on the chosen date?
  2. How experienced are you in shooting weddings? How many weddings per year do you cover?
  3. How many weddings have you shot that are similar in size and style to ours?
  4. What is your style of photography: candid, traditional, contemporary or photojournalistic? (Tip: do your homework about these styles before you interview the candidates)
  5. Please describe your working style. Do you work in a team? How many people will be shooting the wedding? Do you blend in to the background and shoot what unfolds naturally or do you ask people to pose for you?
  6. Can we take a look at your portfolio?
  7. Will you also shoot in black and white?
  8. What kind of equipment as well as post processing formats do you use? (Tip: Educate yourself about these before you ask these questions).
  9. Do you need any information from us that will make your job easier?
  10. Can you give us a list of references?
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Questions about the Wedding Shoot

  1. Will you be the one shooting on the day? If not, who will be in charge? Can we meet them in advance and also see their portfolio/style?
  2. Do you keep a back-up plan/equipment ready?
  3. Will you travel to the wedding venue if it is located outside the city, and if yes, will you charge any fees for the travel?
  4. Are you photographing other weddings on the same day?
  5. Do you allow other people/wedding guests to take photos alongside you?
  6. Are you familiar with the wedding venue? Have you shot other weddings there before?
  7. What time will you start and finish?
  8. Will you charge extra if it goes over time?
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Package Matters

  1. Do you offer package deals: for example, any discounts if we also opt for an engagement or pre-wedding shoot?
  2. How much does a package cost? How much is the deposit? When do you need it and when is the balance due?
  3. Can you customize packages for our specific needs?
  4. Do you also design the album? Can we see a sample? Is there an extra charge for this?
  5. Do you do post-processing such as colour correction, retouching etc?
  6. Will you provide a CD as well?
  7. When can we get the prints after the wedding?
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Capture DXB

Contract Related

  1. Do you provide a written contract? If yes, can we see a sample of it?
  2. What are your cancellation charges and policies?
Once you have gotten the answers to these questions, make sure to discuss with your hubby or wife-to-be (and family) whether you feel comfortable working with the photographer. Also try to get references and feedback from his or her past clients. This can really help you narrow down your choice. And of course, be sure to check out the wedding photographers listed on weddingsonline as they are some of the best in the business!
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