Important Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup and Hair Stylist

questions to ask your bridal hair and makeup stylist

Congratulations on your engagement! Naturally you must have shortlisted a makeup/hair professional to help you look great on the chosen day. To make the day a beautiful success, you must ensure you ask several questions to all your wedding suppliers. Today, we are presenting a list of questions which you can print and take along to ask your bridal hair and makeup professionals.


  1. Are you available on the chosen day and time?
  2. Who will be the main person doing my hair and makeup?
  3. I am having a getting-ready photo shoot. Are you open to that?
  4. Will you travel to the chosen venue? If yes, do you charge extra for it? Will you bring the chair and equipment along? How much space and lighting will you need?
  5. My bridesmaids/relatives will also want to get their hair and makeup done. Will you do it yourself or provide another stylist? How much time will you take for the bridesmaids’ and relatives hair and makeup?
  6. How much time will you take for the bridal hair and makeup?
  7. Do you offer a trial session?
  8. Should I bring my wedding dress for the trial session? Do I also need to bring along the hair pieces, accessories and bridesmaid dresses for the trial?
  9. What is airbrush makeup? Do you do it?
  10. Do you supply false eyelashes?
  11. Do you supply clip-in hair extensions?
  12. Do you supply the hair floral accessories?
  13. Will you help cover any tattoos?
  14. Can you do specific makeup such as Asian/Indian inspired makeup and hair?
  15. Do you have a portfolio which I can take a look at?
  16. Can you give the references of any past clients?
  17. What are the products you use? Can you inform me about the exact shade of lipstick you will be using so I can do my own touch-ups on the day?
  18. Will you be available for touch-ups later during the entire ceremony?
  19. I have sensitive skin. Can you arrange for hypoallergenic makeup?
  20. Do you offer waterproof makeup?
  21. Should I wash my hair on the morning of the wedding or the night before?
  22. How far in advance should I get my eyebrows threaded or waxed?
  23. Do you also do manicure and pedicure? When can I come in for that? Can I bring my own nail polish shades?
  24. Do I need to cleanse and moisturize my face before you do the makeup?
  25. I have an outdoor wedding. Will you be applying a sunscreen before you apply the makeup or a SPF based foundation?
  26. I have specific skin and hair issues. Do I need to undergo any treatments for the same? If yes, do you offer them? How much in advance should I get them done?
  27. Will you be bringing an assistant? Can I meet him/her? How experienced is s/he?

Money matters

questions to ask your bridal hair and makeup stylist

  1. What is your bridal rate? What are your rates for airbrush makeup?
  2. Do you offer special discounts for the whole bridal party?
  3. Do you only do the hair (or just the makeup)? If yes, what are your rates for either?
  4. How much do you charge for a trial session?
  5. I have an early morning wedding. Do you charge extra in case you have to come for the makeup at, say, 5 am?
  6. What are your payment and cancellation/refund policies?
  7. How much upfront do you charge?
  8. In case the bridal party is delayed, do you charge extra for it?
  9. Do you have a written contract? Can I see a sample of it?

Every bride’s hair and makeup needs are different. Whether you are a makeup goddess or a hair and makeup minimalist, your chosen stylist must work in a manner as to give you a customized package that works best for you and your bridal party.

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