9 Easy Ways to Save On Your Bridal Makeup And Hair Costs

Brides looking to save big on their wedding day costs can find great tips in this guide for saving on their bridal makeup and hair. Read on, we have some practical and valuable information for you.

  1. Get Several quotes

Most brides settle for the first stylist that comes their way. While it is true that you must look for a stylist living close to your wedding venue, you must not hesitate to scout the area, the yellow pages or online portals to find a number of stylists in the venue’s vicinity. Phone or visit the shortlisted candidates in person  to see who you are most comfortable with. That way, you can get an insight into the kind of work they do, as well as about the rates they charge.

  1. Get one person to do the bridal makeup and hair both

You can keep your bridal makeup and hair costs significantly lower by getting the same stylist to do both . This reduces the money you need to shell out for their travel as well as tips, if any. Also, more the services, greater the power you have to negotiate in the deal.

  1. Ask for discounts

It is surprising to note how brides fail to ask for deals and discounts. You have every right to know what products the stylist will be using. You can then go ahead and find out if they have similar products in the lower range; and many do. Also mention other ladies (your mom, sister, friends etc) in your bridal party who would be getting their hair and makeup done. This means more business for the stylist and greater wholesale discount for you.

  1. Find deals online

There are many places where you can find great deals on bridal makeup and hair styling online. Bridal forums are great places to start since other brides can recommend their own stylist who is affordable and experienced.

  1. Approach Beauty training institutes and schools

Majority of experienced stylists charge higher fees on account of their qualifications in the field. Instead, if you approach senior students in bridal training schools, you will get stylists having the same number of years of experience without the associated fees. Naturally, you must first get an idea about the kind of work they do, before committing.

  1. Go to your everyday stylist


Perhaps, the most sensible thing to do is to approach someone who has been helping you with your beauty and hair on a regular basis. The advantages lie in not just the trust factor that comes from knowing how s/he works, but also the fact that they won’t overcharge you. Who knows, they might even add some freebies, loyalty bonus or even a wedding present!

  1. Ask a friend

Not just for references of beauty stylists, but even for being your stylist on your W-day. Who knows? Pals you have not spoken to for years might have gained the skills and training you need for gorgeous bridal makeup and hair.

  1. Approach makeup counters in malls

Head over to makeup counters in malls to find professionals who can get your hair and face photo-ready but might not necessarily be wedding specialists. The advantage is that they are skilled but do not charge heavy fees like the professionals who invariably add a bridal beauty surcharge.

  1. Opt for DIY makeup

If all else fails, simply opt to get your bridal makeup and hair done at home. You can start practicing a few months prior to your wedding day, applying makeup that suits your wedding dress. Watch  videos or browse through online and offline tutorials for step by step beauty tips. Even give yourself a facial at home by gently steaming your face, exfoliating and finally pampering it with a do-it-at home facial mask. You will be surprised how flattering the effect can be and how much you will save!

 Have any more ideas for saving big on bridal makeup and hair? Share them below!

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Dipa M

Dipa M

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