Grooming Your Groom Right: The Basics

Every groom wants to look his best on the Big Day – though many do not know where to start. If your man seems to be clueless in the grooming department, we have handy tips for you to help nudge him the right direction.

The skin

Real wedding UAE groom and bride

  1. Is his skin in good shape? If not, get him an appointment at the salon a few weeks before the wedding day.
  2. Does his grooming kit consist of the right products for his skin type? Men too need special cleansers, exfoliants and moisturizers based on their skin type. In general, male skin is thicker and oilier than females.
  3. Does he have blackheads? If yes, give him a pore-cleaning strip to remove them.
  4. Scars and bruises – Give him a concealer that is a shade lighter than his skin. Using a brush apply the concealer to the area and pat down lightly. For darker scars, apply a second layer. Then loosely dust some translucent powder all over the scar. If there is some time before the wedding, apply vitamin K based creams over the scars twice daily to lighten them.
  5. Avoiding razor burns – Ask your man to use sharper razors. Always shave in the direction of the hair growth – not against. Use a hot towel on the face to smooth the hair before shaving. This will help avoid razor burn on the Big Day.
  6. For a five o’clock shadow on the day of the reception, ask him to avoid shaving and use an electric razor between the ceremony and reception.
  7. Tanning – Self and spray tanning is immensely popular among UAE grooms, but you certainly do not want an orange coloured groom waiting for you at the altar. Bottom line – tread with caution when it comes to tanning.

The hair

Does your groom have dandruff issues? Get him to use anti dandruff shampoo at least 4 weeks prior to the Big Day. Select the right hair products to style his hair right on the wedding day.

grooming the groom right

The brows

A uni-brow will not look great in pictures; nor would overly plucked sparse brows. Get him to remove stray hairs between the brows and if required, seek a specialist to help. The same is true regarding nose and ear hair. It is best to get him to use a pain-free facial hair trimmer.

The teeth

Is your man a coffee drinker? He is going to be smiling a lot for the wedding photos – if so have him schedule a professional clean the week before the Big Day. He could even use over-the-counter whitening products to get his teeth looking the best.

The clothes

wedding attire for UAE groom

What a groom chooses to wear depends on comfort as well as his personal style. From Tuxedos to classic double or single breasted jackets and cummerbunds to bow ties – whatever he chooses, it should allow for some degree of self-expression. If you are getting married in the hot weather, ask him to carry an extra dress shirt for the reception. Also a formal shirt practically screams out for cuff links, but bear in mind that cuffs should extend at least half an inch over the wrist.

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