All You Need to Know About Wedding Tanning

To tan or not to tan? The tanning dilemma is one that worries many a bride, as you want to get it just right – ‘bronzed goddess’ and not ‘lobster in the making’. There’s always the option of doing it the natural way, using a sunscreen and catching some good old rays but you might just not have the time and could also risk getting sun burnt. Two of the most popular options out there for brides-to-be are DIY spray tans and professional salon treatments; each one comes with its set of pros and cons. We’ve got everything you need to know about both so you can make the best decision for you…

Tanning Tips

  1. Make sure you try out the product well before the wedding. You always have the option of letting the tan fade if you think it’s going to be on the dark side.
  2. You’re going to be in most of your wedding pictures with your better half so bear in this in mind if they’re not going the tanning route themselves. The color difference might show in the photos so you might want to go a little easier with the tan.
  3. Most brides wear ivory or cream on the Big Day which will make your tan look darker. Keep this in mind when deciding on the shade of tan you’re after.
  4. If you intend to use a spray tan, do it before the makeup trial if at all possible. If you can’t, be sure to let your makeup artist know you’ll have tan on on the day.
  5. If you’re going to go down the waxing path, make sure to finish your waxing at least a day prior to tanning.

Going the DIY route

  • Most department stores and pharmacies stock self-tanning products and there’s something to suit pretty much every skin type. Remember paying more for a product doesn’t always mean a better appearance. In the end, it’s all about how it works for you and how it makes you look.
  • As with lots of things wedding related, ask your friends, family or co-workers for recommendations.
  • Once you’ve picked a particular brand, buy the smallest bottle and try it on an area that is unlikely to be on show like your thighs or upper arms.
  • Give yourself a couple of days to see results –  depending on the product, you may see results instantly, overnight or in a few days.
  • Always check for allergic skin reactions and also how the shade looks in daylight. If you’re happy with it, try the spray all over.
  • Always exfoliate completely before you apply the tanning product for best results.
  • Look out for things like ease of application and staying power.
  • Bear in mind, some products will wash off more easily in the shower than others and some may rub off on your sheets come bedtime!
  • Not all products can be used on the face so be sure to check this out before applying.

Going the salon route

  • You can opt for either a spray tan or use a tanning booth. Make sure to call a few places, both high end and more budget-friendly and ask about the kind of products they use. Spend some time researching their products in case you’re sensitive or allergic to a particular product.
  • Before you start, explain what you want to look like in precise terms. If it helps, carry a few celebrity pics to drive home your point about the correct shade.
  • As with the DIY route, try this well before the wedding. Don’t forget to ask how long the results will last and find out what’s required to maintain the tan until the Big Day. You might need specific products to help keep that glow.
  • Bring an loose clothes, dark clothes for your trip home and try and keep the diary free for the day so you can let the tan settle.
  • A few things to note, the spray can feel cold and can stain your clothes! And the spray smell might not be the best either.
  • Always get word of mouth recommendations or check reviews before booking an appointment.

Main photo courtesy of Rosa Russian via Contouring

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