Monograms on Wedding Stationery | The Ultimate Guide by Vaishali Shah of Ananya Cards

Monograms have become an increasingly popular way of personalising wedding stationery, and adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to a celebration. As it’s a design created in a way that is completely bespoke to each client, it’s genuinely unique and one-of-a-kind!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of monograms for weddings, and how they can be used to add a personal touch to your day.

What is a monogram

A monogram is a design consisting of two or more letters, usually the first initials of the couple’s names, intertwined in a decorative way. For a more modern visual, they can also incorporate a plus sign or an ampersand, for example, or you can also do a single initial monogram, using the first initial of your shared last name.

Back in the Middle Ages, monograms were used as a way to identify the artist who created a piece of artwork – and continued to rise in popularity with royalty in the 18th and 19th centuries, and in modern day fashion designer’s techniques like those of Coco Chanel. In many cultures, the use of a monogram is believed to bring positivity and ward off negative energy or bad luck – harmonising individuals with their environment, and bringing good fortune and prosperity to the home. This is a belief that has been passed down through many generations and continues to be practiced by many people today.

These letters are much more than just a beautiful motif – they are a form of identity, and can become part of a symbolic family crest or emblem. A customised family crest can even endure the test of time and find its way amongst a treasure trove of family heirlooms. It’s a long-lasting and sophisticated way to establish your identity and legacy as a couple and family going forward – while also adding a touch of luxury to your wedding day stationery and decor.

A monogram is also a symbol of unity, representing the joining of two individuals in marriage. The intertwining of the letters symbolises the coming together of two people and the formation of a new family unit – which we love! By incorporating the monogram into the wedding, it not only represents the couple’s love and commitment to each other but also honours the significance of the wedding day as a new chapter in the couple’s lives.

How to create a personal monogram

When working with a designer to create your personal monogram, it’s worth considering whether you want it to be fairly simple – or more stylised and elaborate. Do you like the idea of some motifs, patterns, or illustrations to be part of it too? Here at Ananya, we love creating monograms that capture a story or idea, while still being timeless and sophisticated. We often ask our couples to share more about their history with us, like favourite hobbies, shared passions, or meaningful colours. Monograms for us are about fine detail, symbolism, and symmetry – in a way that is contemporary and authentic too.

How to use a monogram for your wedding day

One of the great things about monograms is their versatility in use. This new monogram, containing both partners’ initials, can then be incorporated throughout the wedding in so many ways. It might be used in the save the dates and invitations, on the menus, the welcome sign, or tags on the favours. Beyond the stationery, we’ve also seen our couples use the monogram as a part of their decor too, such as designed on the cake, as a decal on the dance floor, projected onto a wall or ceiling, embroidered on napkins, hidden in the wedding dress or suit, or even embroidered on a custom-made veil or bow tie. A monogram can create a cohesive theme and aesthetic for the wedding, tying everything together in a beautiful way. We recommend to pick a few elements and accents to decorate with the monogram, rather than go all out with matching/monogrammed everything, so you really get that sophistication and impact.

The monogram can also be used beyond the wedding day, such as on thank you cards or in the couple’s home decor. It is a beautiful way to keep the memory of the wedding alive and a special reminder of the couple’s love and commitment to each other. We’ve seen our couples use them as embroidery on pillows and towels, on personalised stationery for their letters and cards, etched on the cover of the wedding album, or even on gift items for family and friends.


In conclusion, monograms are a beautiful way to personalise and add a touch of elegance to a wedding celebration. They are a symbol of unity, representing the coming together of two individuals in marriage and the creation of a new family unit.

Monograms can be used in various aspects of the wedding, from invitations to decor, and everything in between. The design is versatile and timeless, adding a classic and sophisticated touch to the celebration!

If you’re planning a wedding, and considering incorporating a monogram into the celebration, we’d love to discuss it with you and provide you with some fabulous ideas on how to make this technique your own.

To find out how you can have dreamy monogrammed wedding stationery, please contact Vaishali Shah on +971 (0) 52 545 8731, or email or visit the Ananya Cards Profile Page.

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