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Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

Bride and groom full names: Amal and Rashid

Length of engagement:  5 nights

Wedding Date: 12th January 2018

Wedding location:  Madinat Jumeirah | Photographer: Studio K

Wedding Planner: Brides to be

Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

As an Emirati couple, we are accustomed to having several celebration nights before the big day. It starts as an engagement night where my theme was mainly pink. This was celebrated 8 months prior to my wedding and we had a beautiful evening at my house.

Usually, all Emirati parties start from 8 pm and end when your feet get tired!. We love to celebrate my having extravagant food, music, good company and of course amazing fashion sense.

 Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

After my engagement, I had what we call a Milcha party where my husband and I signed papers produced by the court and he officially became my husband by presenting me with a ring. I have two rings one to symbolise my engagement and the other main ring is to announce he is officially my husband. My theme was light peach and gold I chose these colours to match my dress.

It is our pleasure to always spoil our guests in all my parties by having live cooking stations, DJs and giveaways for all my guests. 
Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

Closer to my wedding day I had a bridal shower and a henna night. These are usually celebrated with my very close friends and family. All my celebrations so far were celebrated at my house. We purposely planned a winter wedding so we can enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors.

Finally when the big day arrived my dress was by the famous Michael Cinco and I planned all my celebration nights were done with Brides to be. I loved how they understood my needs and wants and they made this whole experience worthwhile. Having a planner who also became my friend made this whole process easier, not to mention they are also a one-stop boutique so they were able to help me with all my wedding requirements.

Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

For the theme of the wedding, I decided to keep it classic and simple by having everything mainly white with subtle touches of pastel pink and gold.

The ballroom was completely transformed we covered the walls and carpet and then of course came the biggest project of building my stage.

Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

The food was only the best of the best having an open buffet for my guests to indulge where live cooking stations and carvery were all available, not to mention mini ice cream and special fresh milkshakes.

All this planning took us months and it gets over after a few hours. My wedding started at 8 pm and ended at 3 am. Our weddings are mainly all female where we celebrate with our family members, towards the end of the evening my groom comes out with some of my very close relatives like my father, brother, uncles and father in law.

We love taking pictures and dancing throughout the night. My wedding day was a day I will never forget and I thank everyone who was a part of this special journey in our lives.   Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

Real Emirati Wedding Planner Dubai

Thank you for my amazing designer Michael Cinco for my dress, my lovely photography/videographer team Studio K and of course my amazing wedding planners Brides to be who made my day my own personal fairytale.

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