‘Tis the Season! | Sara of Royal Weddings by Sara J Shares her Festive Wedding Style Tips

‘Tis the season to be stylish! With the holiday season fast approaching, it is time to elevate your style
game. Whether you’re hosting a cozy family gathering, an office party, or a glamorous New Year’s Eve
soiree, we’ve got you covered with the latest trends and timeless classics.

In this guide, we’ll unwrap the secrets to achieving festive flair with finesse. Here’s our top styling tips this season.

Choose a Theme

Whether styling a home, a retail outlet, or an event, it is important to define your theme. A theme
will dictate the color scheme, furniture, & accessories you proceed with. Additionally, it serves as a
connection between the different spaces for a more refined & professional look.

After a clear set style, proceed with accumulating the pieces you require to tie the style together. For
instance, if I’m hosting a dinner party and my style is Christmas Glam, mixed & matched plate
settings would look out of place. Each accessory should serve a function & purpose to tie the space
together in an aesthetic fashion.

Create Visual Layers

Visual layers are a styling tip that applies to different sections in a space, whether it is a dinner table,
console, or gallery wall, the idea is to layer accessories on top of each other to provide depth, provide color accents, and play with textures.

This layering does not have to be symmetrical (if the theme permits), it can be as playful or as formal as you require, however, it does require to be balanced to look aesthetically pleasing. For instance, if I’m styling a plate setting on a dinner table, rather than placing 1 plain white plate, I would think to include a charger plate with a pattern or color, then the dinner plate, and perhaps if needed a salad plate or soup bowl. Moreover, I would consider adding a personalized accessory for a lux touch, such as a pine cone with the name of the guest for the holiday themed dinner table. These layers have added depth, to an otherwise flat setting.

Think About your Centerpiece

A “Living” touch for a centerpiece is not only an aesthetic addition, but it plays with your senses.
Choosing greenery or flowers that are aromatic plays with your sense of smell, and if you are the
curious type, it invites your sense of touch.

When picking your centerpiece, the shape of the surface matters, for instance a round vs. rectangular
table, each has certain styling rules to elevate the surface. Based on that, you can choose whether
you prefer a statement centerpiece, or if you would like to add clustered arrangements to the table.
Whatever you proceed with, DO NOT proceed with centerpieces at eye-level. A centerpiece should
either be above eye-level or below eye-level.

Don’t Forget your Lighting

Is it really the holiday season without the magical twinkling lights, and candlelight hues for a cozy
ambiance. Account for lighting on your mantles, tables, trees and of course the general space as it
impacts the ambiance of any space.

My Personal Top 3 Favorite Holiday Season Styles:
  • Traditional Christmas: Your typical green, red, & gold accents throughout your décor.
  • Winter Wonderland: A formal yet cozy style combining snow elements with some woodland
    accents. Think- natural foliage with white flowers & brown pine cones balanced with gold
  • Holiday Glamour: A sophisticated take on the holidays. Think of a Gatsby inspired color
    scheme of white & gold with black accents, or opulent pieces on your table setting such as a  candelabra.

To begin planning your dream wedding with Royal Weddings by Sara J, contact Sara via WhatsApp (+971 58 551 9930) or Email (royalweddings.sara.j@gmail.com) or through her Profile Page. Happy planning!

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