Top Trends in Wedding Rings for 2015

wedding rings top trends 2015

For most couples, their wedding rings or bands are a symbol of their love and commitment for each other as well as their first major purchase together. While some still like to surprise their better-half-to-be with a sparkling diamond, more and more women are having a say in what they want their engagement or wedding rings to look like. So what are the current trends in wedding rings? We have the answer for you…

Most popular stones: Diamonds of course

The gemstone world is divided into two distinct halves: coloured stones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds on one end of the spectrum and diamonds on the other. The latest trends however show us that diamonds are still the most popular stones, though couples are adding a twist by selecting fancy, non-round designs as well as radiant or cushion cuts. Make no mistake here: diamonds may be popular but they are not necessarily the most expensive stones – there are many other coloured gemstones that could far exceed them in price and it all depends on the 4 C’s- the cut, clarity, carat and colour of the stones in question.

popular gemstone based wedding rings

Most popular metals

Platinum and white gold are really trendy metals in wedding rings but yellow gold and rose gold are not lagging too far behind. Men still prefer traditional gold bands but many are opting to have their rings and bands engraved with custom designs and symbols.

Matching rings and bands

Bridal ring sets (also called His and Her ring sets) are very trendy these days and many couples select them. Some however do not match the bands exactly; rather they select designs that complement each others.

2015 trends in wedding rings

Top tips for selecting wedding rings

  1. Compile photos of rings you like but do note that the proportions in pictures are often highly exaggerated.
  2. When going in for customized engagement or wedding rings, select the centre diamond first. This is the foundation of the ring and will help set the tone of the work you opt for around it.
  3. For couples who cannot afford custom rings, there is always the option of modifying an existing ring to make it more unique.
  4. If you’re having two different rings for the engagement and the wedding, it is sensible to have them both done at the same time and preferably by the same person – they may even offer discounts. This way the rings will match each other.
  5. Finally, do your homework – decide what you want and establish a budget; then you can decide if you want to put more money into the centre stone or the customization of the ring.

Images: Cara Jewellers|Mamiya Diamonds

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