6 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Shoes From Killing Your Feet

If you’ve picked your dream wedding shoes, you want to make sure you feel comfortable the entire time you’re wearing them on your special day. Here are our top hacks to keep your wedding shoes from killing your feet…

Break them in a little ahead of the wedding day: When we say break them in, we mean break them in gently. Start wearing them for a small amount of time, at least a couple of weeks before the wedding. You could slip into them while watching your favorite TV show, working at home or walking around the house. Even when catching up on your reading or answering emails. Try and increase the time you wear them in small increments say 30 minutes at first, then 45 minutes and so on. The idea is to break them in a teeny bit at a time so that they begin to feel more comfortable.

top hacks for making wedding shoes comfortable

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Bring on the heat: One fool-proof method of breaking new shoes in and making them more comfortable is to wear thick socks before you wear the shoes and use heat from hair dryer. The heat causes the shoes to expand a little so that they fit your feet better and since you’re wearing socks, they’ll stretch them out a little bit more too. Take care to not use too much heat though, you don’t want to ruin that gorgeous pair of shoes.

Make friends with inserts and gel pads: These are a great way to get comfortable with painful shoes. There are a whole lot of options available so take your pick from gel insoles either for the entire foot or for specific areas like the heel, toes or your arches. If you feel the back of the shoes or the straps are causing chafing, use moleskin strips in areas you find the shoes to be particularly tight. Use heel grips on the inside of your shoes to prevent painful blisters. Again do this prior to the wedding so that you’re prepared and don’t end up with chafed or blistered feet on the Big Day.

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Use a deodorant stick: Use a clear deodorant stick and rub it on the parts of the shoes where you feel the most amount of friction. Added advantage, your feet will smell great too!

Take care of slippery soles: You’re going to be on your feet for the most part so you definitely want to take care of those slippery soles. One option is to stick a pair of non slip pads on to the soles of your shoes or you could slightly scuff them with a bit of sandpaper. Point to be noted – do not try these on the red soles of your Louboutins!

Keep a pair of flats handy: If you want some time to rest your feet on the Big Day, keep a pair of flats handy so you can slip into them during dinner for example or when you hit the dance floor. Your heels and toes will definitely thank you for the downtime.

Main photo: Kate Spade ‘Charm’ Heels, photo by White Haute Photography via Style Me Pretty

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