Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding


We hope you found our first article on destination wedding tips useful. In this sequel, we look at three more tips that will help you plan your destination wedding to perfection…

Hire a good wedding planner: Planning a wedding is a tedious affair and when you’re planning a destination wedding, you need on the ground help when it comes to choosing the right vendors to work with, the right wedding venue, the perfect menu to put together and so on. In fact, if you choose to get married at a resort, there’s a good chance that there will be a wedding planner included in the package as well. Ensure that you hire a wedding planner who speaks the same language as you and who has impeccable credentials. A planner who can hold the fort for you when you’re sitting miles away will ensure that your wedding planning goes smoothly.


Take time to decide about your vendors: There is always the risk that vendors at your destination wedding spot will charge you higher rates because you aren’t a local. But this is exactly where a good wedding planner will be useful. Instead of leaving all the vendor decisions in the hands of your wedding planner, it’s a good idea to meet them in person yourself where possible. Meeting with your vendors directly lets them know that you are in control of the wedding planning and also encourages them to give you better suggestions.


Inform your family & friends: It’s important to let your guests know exactly the kind of destination wedding you are planning to have. This allows them to plan their schedule accordingly. In fact, mentioning your destination wedding location on your wedding invitation cards is a great idea and who knows, there may be somebody you know who may be able to suggest a wedding planner or the ideal wedding venue for you.

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